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Everyone has something they do that makes them feel a bit more 'human', that helps them start their day. For me, it's makeup. I love doing my makeup and it's part of my morning routine, it really helps me feel like I'm up fresh and ready and get me out of the morning sleepy phase.

I've been having my eyebrows done since I was around 15 and getting my hair and nails done has been something I've been doing for years. I love having these treatments done because they're my little bit of 'me time' I feel that I rarely get. In addition to these treatments, I've loved the idea of eyelash extensions since they became a thing, although I was too nervous to try them in case they went wrong or looked bad.

I was put in contact with a lovely girl called Iyesha, who does a HD brow service as well as eyelash extensions. I was originally going to get just my eyelashes donee, however recently I've looked back over some photos and seen that my eyebrows looked a bit off. I've always got them done at a generic eyebrow salon and they weren't really tailored to me at all. These photos are the outcomes of my HD brows and eyelash extension treatments - I am in love!

When I spoke to Iyeasha she explained HD brows and what set them apart from the normal styles of eyebrow shaping. HD brows for those of you don't know they are 'high definition' brows. They are completely tailored to the shape of your face, what will look best for you as well as enhancing your natural brows too. There are 7 steps to the HD brow process which include a consultation, preparation with patch testing, tinting, waxing, threading, finishing and finally a follow up with the beautician giving advice and after care information.

I ended up having an appointment for both because I felt I should give my eyebrows a little bit more tending too, as well as treating myself with lashes.

I was quite nervous, especially about the eyebrows as they are quite key in the makeup of the face.  However Iyesha was so welcoming and really made me feel comfortable before and during the treatments. She explained what she was doing and why so that I knew what the treatment was like, and during she kept updating me on how it was going. During the treatments we had a chat and I got to know her better, it was really nice having someone so kind and welcoming doing my treatments as it meant I wasn't uncomfortable at all.

At the moment Iyeasha does 'classic' style lashes, but tailors it completely how you like it. I'm a very fussy person and she was so patient with me when it came to me having to make decisions in regards to the tint colour, the lash lengths and look of it.

If you're around the Buckinghamshire area and are looking to get HD brows or eyelash extensions, you can get 15% off your first treatment with Iyesha, if you quote 'Holly Anastasia' when booking in with her!

I've linked below her contact where you can book in appointments with her, so let me know if you go as I would love to see the results! I'm so in love with my results and it's definitely going to become a monthly appointment because now I've had them done, I can't go back!

Holly Anastasia x

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