Spend or Save?

Spend or save? This is a question I've been battling with over the past year or so. As I'm getting older my goals and the things I want out of life are changing. I'm starting to want - dare I say it - *adult* things; to move out on my own and have an amazing career I love and eventually start a family of my own. Yet I still feel pulled back and forth by this question all the time.

Do I want to go out with my friends a lot? Yes. Do I want to have money ready to move out in the near future? Yes. Do I want to go on amazing holidays or travel to new places? Yes. Do I want to save for an amazing wedding when I am A LOT older? Yes.

Over the past year I've probably been spending more than I have been saving and I don't regret it one bit. I've been on lovely holidays, out for meals, seen my friends and spent more time with my family. I've been a bit more spontaneous this year, with the help of my friend Katie, booking events I would never normally think of going to. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone and although I've been hesitant to spend money on things I wasn't sure I'd like, it paid off and they've been some of the best days I've had recently.

Of course I feel genuinely grateful that I am able to have the opportunity to do these things and will cherish these moments forever. However I can't stop thinking about the future; what will it look like if I keep spending as much as I do at the moment? I can't decide between living in the moment or being cautious about what I'm doing.

I did an Instagram Poll the other week - you know I love an Insta Poll - asking the '20-somethings' of my followers whether they'd rather spend or save at this point in their lives. It was so interesting to see the results with it being around 60/40 with more votes for spend. I obviously know some of my followers and could see that those in their older 20s were voting for save and those similar ages to myself voted spend. I also asked if people felt pressured to save for 'important things' in life e.g. a wedding or a house. A lot more people voted for yes, they did feel pressured and it felt a bit better to know that a lot of us are in the same boat. We want the experiences and fun, but feel pressured to cut down on that and spending money on it to save up for other things.

So maybe the reason I'm feeling guilty for spending is because of the fact that I, along with loads of others, feel pressured to save for all that stuff we're expected to have in the future. Don't get me wrong, I want a house and family eventually, but not right now! I can't see past this year if I'm honest with you, so why should I be solely focused on saving for things I really can't visualise right now?

I'm 21 and I feel a bit guilty every time I go out with my friends, buy new clothes or looking for another holiday to go on. Obviously I am not saying I have the money to be jetting off somewhere every week or buying designer everything, I'm just spending money on the things that make me happy.

Everyone says to enjoy your young years whilst also putting that pressure to save for that house or that wedding, which one am I meant to be focusing on? Please make up your mind!

I am still saving for the future as I do know I want some things further down the line, but I'm not going to let that stop me from making memories right now. I won't be reckless with my spending but I want to experience life right now. So if those experiences mean that I'm spending a bit more than I should be, who cares? At the end of the day, I don't remember that night out as a sum of money, I remember the fun I had, who I spent it with and how it made me happy. Memories I'll never forget are my priority right now.

Holly Anastasia xx


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