I used to find myself getting lost in magazines and photos and editorials, I remember being so young and inspired by all of these images. Just thinking the fashion industry is one that I really want to be a part of.

The first time I got struck by an outfit was in a copy of Company Magazine, one of my favourite magazines back in the day. I saw this outfit and although when I look back at it now it was nothing revolutionary, however at the time I was absolutely taken aback by it. The outfit consisted of a long flowing dress which covered the top of some high knee boots, both of which were covered in black and white star print. I'm not sure why I was so blown away by it but I remember so clearly thinking 'Oh my god, I need this outfit'.

I think that copy of Company Magazine came out around 2012 and I know that I've grown and changed so much, in a lot of positive ways, but I'm also starting to feel a bit disconnected from the fashion industry. The roots of my blog were my love for fashion, and as my style has progressed I feel I've moved in a different direction with my blog. Although I love writing a bit of lifestyle and I know you guys have told me you like it too, I am just still so in love with everything fashion and want to reconnect with that passion. 

Following trends have been something I've tried to get away from; I wanted to be a leader rather than someone that just follows. However as time has gone on, I feel like in this feeling to tear away from the crown I have forgotten that sometimes it's that same crowd that can become your inspiration for your own growth.

So here is me trying out a trend, the Baker Boy hat. I did shoot this look with Jade a lot earlier than now, when the trend was at it's peak. However I've been so slow with posting, which is why this is so late! I was in Topshop looking around and saw the hats and had such an urge to try it, so I did. I kind of loved it, I felt like I was part of something even though it was just a hat.  For me it was kind of a reaffirmation that I can reconnect, try out and enjoy the trends without feeling like I've lost my own style identity.

You guys are probably thinking the Baker Boy hat trend isn't really that major, but for me it bought back that feeling that 15 year old me had when I saw the star print outfit for the first time. I love this outfit I've shot here and although it's a bit late for the beautiful weather we're having now, I thought I'd share it alongside how I'm feeling now about following the trends. Although my blog is leaning towards lifestyle at the moment, I'm looking forward to continue connecting with fashion again.

Holly Anastasia xx


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