I've always found fashion, clothes and styling so interesting because it shows so much about a person.  In the film Forrest Gump there is a moment where he says you can tell a lot about a person about their shoes,where they've come from, where they've been. He then says 'I've worn a lot of shoes'. I really believe this is so true of clothing too. Clothes tell a story, people wear a lot of clothes, a lot of shoes and all those outfits say reflect something about the person wearing them.

I do think about the journey people take to find their personal style and wonder if it's something that just falls naturally or do people work hard on it. I watched a YouTube video from one of my favourite bloggers Angelica Blick, and she was talking about her style. She said that when she was younger she just tried so many styles of clothes and different looks that by the time she was older, she already knew what she liked. She did cringe at a lot of her older looks but who doesn't!

You can see from her style that she's got so many different interests and she tries new things all the time. As a another blogger, I love seeing this variety of style as it gives me so much inspiration. However it does make me wonder what my personal style says about me.

At the moment my style is a bit mixed - as you can see from this outfit it's a bit different from what I've done before. I want my outfits to portray who I am, what I like, my personality and I do think these aspects do come through occasionally. Although most of the time I seem really confident in myself, I'm really not. This has kind of held back my style in a way, but I feel as though my style just reflects who I am in that time or stage of life. 

I'm starting to love my outfits the more I style new ones and it's amazing how much more confident I feel now compared to when I was wearing just the same things all day everyday.

Personal style says so much about a persona and I'm so glad I can see my journey through my blog. I've had absolute cringe outfits and I've had some amazing ones. It's all a journey and it's all been me. With the bad comes the good and I will accept both because I'm only moving forward.

 Even though there are so many people who tell you not to look back as it takes away from the future, I think at points you need to.
I love to see what I was wearing in the past as it reminds me of who I was as a person. I've had new experiences, bad periods of time and amazing things happen since then. All of these things reflect in my style as I'm expressing myself and that's what I love about fashion.

Holly Anastasia xx

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