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I have always believed that you can achieve your dreams and goals in life if you work for it. A lot of my time is spent dreaming of what the future could look like, because it's so exciting and full of possibilities. Some of my time is spent worrying about it as there is so many opportunities for failure. In the midst of all this thinking, I'm not doing much working.

Having a full time job I find it really hard to find the time to fit in the extra work I have to put into my goals. However recently I've been thinking is it that it is too hard to find time, or am I simply not trying hard enough to do so.

My full time job requires me to have good time keeping and I am good at this when I'm at work. Although it seems as soon as I leave work those time keeping skills just fly out of the window. I'm making time for unnecessary things like being on Instagram for hours, despite everyone knowing that no matter how many times you refresh per second nothing will have really changed...

Refocusing and using my dream as a vision and a plan is something I need to do often. Thinking 'how much do I want this', 'what do I have to do to get it' and 'what will it look like when I achieve it'. These thoughts have always spurred me on to focus and achieve, they will do more so when I start a pattern and think like this more often. I have always been one for wavering confidence but when I start to think positively and focus on what I want, I've always found that I start to believe in myself more. 

 From now on I will be making time to work for my dreams, rather than trying to find it. I'll try to stop worry and dreaming about the future and use that time to make it my own. Resorting back to my belief that you can achieve anything if you work for it, I will be working for it.

If anyone has any tips on how they manage their time when they have a million things to do, let me know in the comments!

Holly Anastasia xx

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