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Sometimes I will come across a place which floods me with inspirations, peacefulness or just a feeling of content. These sorts of places don't come around often so it's always a feeling I'll remember. I have been so lucky to be able to travel to a few places over the years and I've found some places that I've just fallen in love with.

One of my favourite places is and always be London. I've heard some people saying they're 'over' London but I feel more and more inspired every time my feet step out of the tube station. Seeing the people talking and taking in the atmosphere is the most refreshing feeling for me. Being stuck in my house, town or at work is so claustrophobic sometimes, and with nothing new going on there's no excitement either. In my eyes London could never become boring, it's one of the places that just fills me up with so many ideas.

I have also had the opportunity to go to countries that I may have never thought to go to as my first choice of destination. A few years ago I went with my school to Malaysia & Borneo; it was the most incredible experience and one I'll never forget. I experienced so many new things and although it was challenging, I got to see some stunning views that I would never see closer to home. We went from living in the jungle for a week to relaxing on an island for another - both of those extremes were amazing. It gave me such a hunger for more - more trips, new countries and amazing cultures. The time we spent on the islands was one of the most peaceful periods of my life.

The third place that I constantly wish to go back to is Paris. I fell in love with it when I was lucky enough to go on a school trip with my art course. We visited huge museums, the Sacré-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower amongst other things. Despite there being a lot of people in those places, they were just so peaceful. I went to Paris a second time with my family and it was so great to experience these beautiful surroundings together. 

In my daily life, I really forget about the beautiful things I have around me. Looking back on photos I have makes me realise how lucky I am to have been to these gorgeous places and how excited I am to plan more trips. Even stepping back into London, the place I first fell in love with, feels like the biggest breath of fresh air, no matter how many times I go. I can't wait to fall in love with more of the world.

What are your most inspirational or exciting places to visit?

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