Girls Should Never Be Afraid To Be Smart

As many of you know, today is International Women's Day. I'm hoping you've been exposed to lots of inspiring, educational and motivational pieces like I have. 

I trawled through hundreds of quotes to find one that summed up how I feel about today, what it means to be a woman, the struggles and the triumphs. I have to admit to you all, there is not one single quote that encapsulates all of those feelings and points. I think this is a really good thing because you are so individual, wether you're a female or male reading this, you will relate to something or some one differently to one another.

One thing I found really interesting whilst looking into these quotes is realising how important they all were, but some were poignant to me than others. It may be my age or situation in life that makes me feel and understand these quotes differently from others, but that's okay. 

I feel uneducated and privileged when it comes to feminism, however I have had my own challenges to overcome as a women. 
By uneducated I mean I understand, but not to the fullest extent. My sister is such a great example of a women who understands and she is an absolute inspiration to me. She always stands up for herself and others regardless of who she's talking to or being challenged by. She is always ready to educate me when I ask for help or her views and opinions. I look up to her in this respect and I will admit myself I probably need to be louder when it comes to my voice in all of this.

When I say I am privileged I don't mean to say I am wealthy, but privileged in the sense that I have not had as greater struggle as others around me. I am aware of the fight women of colour, transwomen, muslim women and disabled women had have and still have today. I understand the difference between our journeys and respect these women and the many more I haven't mentioned here.

In my workplace I have worked hard to be respected in a position of management as a young woman. I am grateful for my many mentors but I am also grateful to myself for pushing through the challenges. At some points in my career I have been surrounded by a male dominated team. I was lucky in that most of them were supportive of me and my goals, however at times it was a struggle to feel equal. I have been challenged directly and in-directly because I was a woman in a position of management and for me it was hard to believe that would be a reason for the situations arising.

What I think is beautiful is that despite all of the past and current battles each woman is facing, we are all one. Personally I am always learning from the women in my life. Wether they are a member of my family, a friend or even another woman I follow on Instagram, I am always learning.

I did find one quote I liked from Emma Watson - 'Girls should never be afraid to be smart'. 

For me this brings to mind a few things...

I should never be afraid to show that I am smart and intelligent, despite having been marked as stupid before. 
I should never be afraid to voice my opinion, though I may be scared of what people might think of me, it will always be smarter to speak up than be silent.
I should not be afraid to admit I am worth as much as the next person. 
I should never be afraid to be smart. Girls, Women, you should never afraid to be smart!

Who is your biggest female inspiration?

Holly Anastasia xx


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