Getting Out Of The Box

As I'm falling back in love with my blog, I feel a lot more creative and full of ideas. For the past few weeks I kept thinking that I have to find something unique, something interesting in me and use that one thing to make my work stand out. Whilst I have been looking for inspiration, that mindset has started to change.

I put some ideas out on my Instagram stories to see what you guys thought about my blog. It was so interesting to see what everyone preferred to see from me. However it got me thinking, what do I want to create? Do I want to write more? Style more? 

There is so much out there to write about, see, photograph and think about it's hard to know where to start. My early blogposts were fairly 'meh', I will admit. I loved the photography and styling but I really didn't give much thought to the rest of the content.  

On my Instagram my followers voted for Lifestyle posts over fashion, which does kind of make sense now, but it did make me rethink the way I look at my blog as a 'concept'. I always named myself a 'Fashion Blogger' because that's really the only category I fitted into for a while. Although I love fashion and still try and keep up with the industry, but I'm no fashion writer! Some of you guys said you wanted to see behind the scenes posts, gym or fitness content and most of you wanted posts on my blogs scheduled to specific days.

I love the idea of people always growing and learning and it's something I want for myself as well. I don't want to get stuck in a rut or become working on a one track mind. It's important to me to stay in the mentality that growing and opening my mind to new things will always benefit me. I'm starting to look into new things in regards to my blog. I want to create content that I love, some interesting topics, new concepts and works of art. It'll be interesting to see how these ideas pan out here. 

 I'm so glad I put those polls up on my instagram stories as it's really given me a great idea of what I want to create in the future. It's realigned my thoughts and opened up my mind of what I can do. Getting out of a box that you've defined yourself in for so long is so freeing, yet maybe not as easy as it sounds. The fact you guys supported my new ideas was so inspiring for me and has fuelled me on to create more and get out of my box.

 Love Holly Anastasia xx

Photography: JKGPhotography // Styling: Holly Edwards

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