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So I am currently sitting in my lounge writing this post, full from a homemade dinner and tired from a busy day. I'm really not a morning person, however when I do get the motivation to get up early, it feels so good. Having a productive day getting things done just feels so uplifting, especially for me as I generally leave things I don't want to do to the last minute.

Todays' agenda was shooting more outfits, organising my room and gym. However the organising didn't happen as I had walked home from the train station in the snow and was wearing my slippers with a hot chocolate and the Kardashians on within 10 minutes of being in the house.

As some of you may realise, this top is just so ironic seeing as I basically never smile in photos! This is one thing my Mother gets very upset about.
I saw it and just thought it was so apt for me. In general I am a smiley person, I'm always laughing with my friends and for some reason I feel like I'm the ONLY person who smiles at strangers when I walk past. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

My Mum says she used to call me 'happy Holly' because of the amount I smiled when I was younger. I reckon I've just become a bit of a poser and need to get back into the smiling in photos thing haha! I'll agree with anyone, any time of day on the fact a smile does look better on me!

For now though, I think we'll have to accept the irony and wait for those smiles to appear on my posts. I can assure you Mum, they will...

Holly Anastasia x

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  1. Love you baby girl whether you are smiling or not and look forward to seeing the pics where your beautiful face is lit up by your dazzling smile! Xxx


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