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So I am currently sitting in my lounge writing this post, full from a homemade dinner and tired from a busy day. I'm really not a morning person, however when I do get the motivation to get up early, it feels so good. Having a productive day getting things done just feels so uplifting, especially for me as I generally leave things I don't want to do to the last minute.

Todays' agenda was shooting more outfits, organising my room and gym. However the organising didn't happen as I had walked home from the train station in the snow and was wearing my slippers with a hot chocolate and the Kardashians on within 10 minutes of being in the house.

As some of you may realise, this top is just so ironic seeing as I basically never smile in photos! This is one thing my Mother gets very upset about.
I saw it and just thought it was so apt for me. In general I am a smiley person, I'm always laughing with my friends and for some reason I feel like I'm the ONLY person who smiles at strangers when I walk past. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

My Mum says she used to call me 'happy Holly' because of the amount I smiled when I was younger. I reckon I've just become a bit of a poser and need to get back into the smiling in photos thing haha! I'll agree with anyone, any time of day on the fact a smile does look better on me!

For now though, I think we'll have to accept the irony and wait for those smiles to appear on my posts. I can assure you Mum, they will...

Holly Anastasia x

Holly Anastasia

You may notice my blog has changed a bit since you might have last seen it - mainly a name change. It used to be under the name 'Love From Anastasia'. However I felt I needed to re-vamp this so my blog is even more personal to me. As I've grown and developed my ideas in regards to my blog, my styling is becoming more 'me' rather than going with the flow and following trends. I'm still so inspired by fashion shows, editorials and other bloggers, however I'm starting to make decisions based always on my taste, rather than an exact outfit I've seen.

This change encouraged me to use my own name to post under. I love 'Holly Anastasia' as it really identifies me and who I am, so it feels right to link my blog with that same identity.

Recently I've been feeling so motivated and ready to get back to creating my own content! I recently shot with Jade and it felt so good to be styling again. I'm starting to fall back in love with fashion. Looking at London Fashion Week shows have also been inspiring and to see what's going on on the runway has inspired my own outfits.

I've definitely started to explore different looks recently as I feel I've forgotten to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Being in full time work with a uniform for 40 hours a week doesn't give way for much time to go crazy when it comes to styling and trying new looks I like. 

Recently I went shopping with my friend in Brighton and I made it my full on mission to find interesting pieces that I loved. I thought it'd be so hard to put things together after taking such a long time out of styling, however it was actually so enjoyable. It was so uplifting to be so creative and feel so confident in these outfits. 

These trousers are from Pull And Bear here, however below is an option for a pair with a drawstring which I love!

I can't wait to share my new content with you!

Lots of love,
Holly Anastasia xx

Photography / JKGPhotography

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