Underwear is my absolute obsession. I love the way it can be just as simple as a delicate and feminine piece of clothing, but also be an empowering item in a woman's wardrobe. After seeing my instagram post, some people asked me why I was wearing underwear as a top and I loved the fact I could just say 'because I want to', leave them stunned and walk off. Some people understand my style, some don't, but that's okay.

Finding power in what I wear and how it makes me feel is something I've always loved about fashion, but it is also a hard thing to follow through with. Especially if you're surrounded with people who seem so confident in their style. I find it so easy to compare myself to other women in positions that I want to be in, or admire, without taking into account how different my life/lifestyle currently is to theirs. They might be 10 years older than me but I'm still wondering why I haven't got to where they are in their career and such like.

Role models are good to have, to aspire to and further your ambitions, however there is a fine line between admiring others and loosing yourself in that. I love the fact that fashion and the clothes you wear can express all manner of things. I'm learning not to care what others are thinking or saying about what I'm wearing or doing. There's no fun in playing safe to please others and I also don't think it's going to get me anywhere. Anyway, why can't I wear underwear as a top?

I feel like I'm slowly but surely pushing my boundaries further, exploring new looks and setting new goals. Now that I'm concentrating more on myself, rather than what others are doing, I feel more driven and successful.

I've also been thinking about my blog and what direction I want to go with it. I love the work I'm producing at the moment but I am such a perfectionist, it's unreal. This fact usually results with me always changing my mind and searching to improve on the tiniest things. So don't be surprised if in the coming months, things on my blog change up a little! 

Ultimately I think the first thing you'll see changing are my looks and the outfits I post as I use the inspirations in my life to create new and more exciting things! I'll let you into my ideas soon, but nothing's finalised yet! 

Love Holly Anastasia xo


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