Stockholm #2

Here's a quick photo diary of our time in Stockholm; there's so many photos so I will probably end up posting more, but for now there's just a few...

I absolutely love the Old Town where we stayed as there was so many beautiful buildings and art. The Royal Palace was only a short walk from our hostel so we went off there and it was so incredible. It was full of colour and delicate, detailed furniture and clothes etc. Every room had a few chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which you can see above. That was definitely a highlight for me. We went to a restaurant called Antagon where they served these incredible pizzas.... 

There is so many more pictures from our trip but I'll post them later as I have so many exciting posts coming up! 

At the weekend I'm going to V Festival! I'll post another outfit from Stockholm whilst I'm at the Festival but I'm shooting there as well, which I'm so excited about! If you're at V Fest, I'll be taking photos of stylish babes for Motel Rocks, so keep a look out if you want to feature on their blog!

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