Bethany Rose

Here are some more of the photos I shot with my sister Bethany in February. I was going to post them sooner but my photo software was playing up so I couldn't access them; unfortunately only a few got recovered, hence all the head shots.

Although Bethany bought these clothes herself, I styled them on this shoot. This was really different for me as I never wear vintage. Mainly due to the fact we have no where amazing for vintage near me, but also because it's just not my style. I like the way almost anything goes with vintage. You can chuck an outfit together or plan it out and both times go out looking good. 

It's not my style at all, but Bethany really suits it and I think living in London has given her access to some of the best vintage clothes. I was going to use these photo in my Graphic Design, but we'll have to see if they work as I've changed my whole idea since then. 

Where's your favourite Vintage store? 

Love Holly Anastasia xo




This look is a new fave of mine as it's quite different to any previous outfits we've shot! I love the burnt orange/rust colour against the black as it makes it more intense. The dress is made of satin material which I think is perfect for the cut of this dress as its a bit more structured. 

This dress can be worn in the day time but to transition into the evening look I shot here I added the black duster, heels and clutch. To finish the look I added my ASOS head dress as the main piece of jewellery, as its such an eye catching piece.

I've got A level deadlines & exams next week so although I will try and post as normal on a Wednesday & Saturday, the may not all be up on time so keep checking back! 

Have a good weekend!

Love Holly Anastasia X

Re Take


This post was supposed to go live yesterday but seeing as I had two 5 hour exams over the past two days  I didn't have time to put everything together. It's up now though and there'll be one up on Saturday as I haven't got any more exams until next week. I'm soo excited to chill this weekend as I've worked so hard - thankfully it'll all be over soon!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will have seen a similar outfit to this on my blog before. I wanted to revamp this dress/kimono combination with a bit more of an updated look. I
bought this head dress from ASOS as it's just so beautiful and will fit with the festival style posts I want to shoot soon. I added some simpler heels than last time, to tie together the whole outfit. 

I love re-inventing outfits as I think it's so easy to mix it up by tweaking a few little things. If you want to see the other version of this outfit click here to see. I've got some really exciting posts planned and I can't wait to shoot & share them with you!

Love From Anastasia xo


JACKET: SAINSBURY'S TU / TOP & BELT: H&M / JEANS: TOPSHOP / CLUTCH: NEW LOOK / HEELS: ASOS PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE BRILL / STYLING: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSThis outfit is such a simple yet effective look; the heels and clutch add some glamour to the outfit whilst the leather jacket and ripped jeans add the edge. I always love the combination of black and white because anything goes. The shape of the jacket enhances the silhouette, especially in contrast with the tight jeans. Breaking up the black with white creates an impact and a more interesting look. To pull the outfit together, I chose to wear these pointed heels, which are surprisingly comfortable to wear. I love these photos especially because of the background colours against the outfit, as I think it highlights the simplicity of the outfit. There's so many photos to show you from this shoot and I can't wait to share them with you.Today is the start of a busy weekend of celebrations for one of my best friend's 18th birthday! I'm so excited! What are you guys doing?Love Holly Anastasia xo

Holly Anastasia

I never showed you guys my incredible birthday necklace in detail; I found these pictures whilst sorting some laptop pictures and just wanted to share them with you all. My Mum bought me this necklace from Lisa Angel as a present for my 18th birthday. She wanted to get my something special, which I would use often. As I'm very particular about what I wear - especially with jewellery - I was a bit nervous about what she bought me. However, I have to give her full credit for this amazing piece she chose. The simplicity of the necklace is what first caught my eye; it's not too delicate yet it's a simple and structured rectangle/cuboid shape which adds to the minimalist feel. On 3 of the 4 faces, there is engraved details. One side says my birthday, another 'beloved' and on the final side it says 'Holly Anastasia'.This necklace really is beautiful but I think the engraving made it all the more special. My middle name, Anastasia, has become such a huge part of my identity through this blog and I love that my Mum understands this and added it to the necklace.Where do you buy your favourite jewellery from?Love Holly Anastasia xo


                                                                      1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.  Here are some detail shots from some outfits Katie & I shot recently. These kind of shots are my favourite as they really focus in on the clothes and the aspects which make up a piece or a shot. The quality of my camera is incredible and the results of the recent shoots are so worth the hard work.  I can't wait to shoot in the next week or so and I've got some new outfits planned which I'm excited about.

I've had such a good break off school & work but I'm kind of excited just to get back into things and be more active. Today I'm going to finish off some school work & then go for a pub dinner before tomorrow which will hopefully be a work day...

Seeing as Coachella is on right now, my instagram is full of Festival inspiration/clothes, so I might follow suit & shoot some festival inspired outfits soon?

What's your festival must have?Love Holly Anastasia xo



I think this is definitely the windiest shoot I've ever done. Walking up to the location was tough in itself but trying to get my hair to stay in one place long enough to take a photo was a whole different story. I don't think that the wind is quite captured in these photos but the sunlight definitely is and I love the way it highlighted the Kahki Bomber against the black. 

ASOS were doing a bomber similar to this with an appliqué 'A' on the back which I loved & it fitted with 'Anastasia' but I didn't get it in the end. This one is Katie's from Topshop and it's so amazing. After the fit, the way it feels is my favourite part, as it has elasticated cuffs which then runs up to padded sleeves and silky lining. It feels amazing to wear without being too heavy, as I know loads of bombers are quite heavy.  

It's perfect to wear right now as a transitional piece, as it's cropped  it won't keep too much heat in. You could wear it with a dress/skirt/shorts but on this occasion it was too cold to shoot in anything less than what I'm wearing. I'd like to see how I could dress it up and lay it over a dress of some kind.

Today I've got a busy day as my new phone is coming so I've got to sort all of that out  alongside school work & I'm also going out for dinner which will be a relaxing to end the stressful day. Love Holly Anastasia x


A few have you might have seen on the River Island website about a month ago, they were doing a promotion for 99p Denim. There were only 100 pairs for men & 100 pairs for women so to be in with a chance of getting the bargain, you had to act fast. I managed to bag myself one of the pairs and I chose the 'Dark Rise Amelie Superskinny Reform' Jeans as they were so different from any others I have got - and I've got a lot of pairs of jeans.Here are some shots of how they fit on me. I think they're a really great fit as I got them in a short leg to fit the length better. Overall they're one of my comfiest pairs of jeans; they have a 4 way stretch fabric so the range of movement is so much better than normal jeans. They're definitely an asset to my jean collection!Any other good shops for good denim?Love Holly Anastasia x

New Balance

 PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE BRILL / STYLING: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSBOMBER JACKET: TOPSHOP / JUMPER: CHARITY SHOP / JEANS: RIVER ISLAND / TRAINERS: NEW BALANCEHere's some previews of a look Katie & I shot yesterday. The shoot was fun but really didn't go as planned as it hailed and rained on us so we really couldn't shoot at all. We got a few of these shots in when it was sunny but there were so many more outfits we'll have to shoot another time. 
In other news, how insane are these New Balance 420s! I brought them from ASOS and I've barely taken them off since they arrived the other day. I've got a few outfits planned to shoot involving these and I can't wait for those. Having some trainers has saved my life, they're so easy to chuck on with so many outfits and still look stylish. They could easily become my staple shoes.

I'm on half term now and cannot wait to have some time to chill. I'm going to see some family tomorrow so that will be fun but I've also got some work to do too, which isn't going to be a highlight of the holidays...

Have any of you got any staple shoes?

Love Holly Anastasia xo

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