PHOTOGRAPHY / STYLING / HAIR & MAKEUP: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSMODEL: BETHANY EDWARDSSHIRT TOP / SKIRT: TBC / SHOES: TOPSHOPSome shots of my sister which I took for my new graphic design project. I'm creating the concept for a new vintage store, which includes the promotional graphics and design of things such as posters, apps & launch parties. I've named my store 'Uniform' linking to the vintage 'way of life'...so hopefully it'll work with the branding I want to create! 
They're only initial shots as I might do some more complicated/organised shoots to build up more of a style - I'm going for Nasty Gal/ Motel Rocks/ Urban Outfitters vibes, so hopefully with a new shoot I can channel this more.I did everything for this shoot which was a change from the normal, as I wasn't the model. I did Bethany's makeup and hair, styled the outfits and shot the photos. 
It wasn't too hard to do all this as working with Bethany is quite easy - she has the nicest skin so didn't need much makeup either. Yet she still looks soo good!This was one of my favourite outfits I styled as it's got quite interesting colours and patterns. I'll probably put up the other outfits we shot soon. I think the contrast between the neutral base of grey and beige paired with the flannel shirt makes a good impact and I love the difference in stripes and tartan style too.
I've got some exciting outfits to shoot & H&M have just released such a cool line, so I might shoot some of that too as I'm in love with it...Love Holly Anastasia xo

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