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My blog turns 2 today, which is weird for me as it feels like so much longer. I feel like this year there's been a huge turning point in my blog especially in the quality and content, as well as opportunities.

I didn't really know what I was doing when I first started and made it up as I went along. Now I think I've got a real direction with my content, although it'll always be evolving, I know where I want to go with it. I've never given up on it and because of that I've been able to experiment with fashion, grow in confidence and develop my skills. It's so strange to imagine not blogging, as it's such a huge part of my life now.

This year I've had so much fun blogging and although I love all of the editing of photos, writing about the clothes and designing my blog, one of my favourite things to do has become doing the shooting. Styling outfits before the shoot is so much fun and gives me inspiration for the final outcomes but the actual shoot day is so funny, especially seeing as Katie & I shoot on a regular basis, we've had so many funny things happen. Cars slowing down to have a look, people laughing on London buses and builders shouting to name a few. 

Having to tell a few people to 'move along' whilst I'm stood with one leg in some trousers and the other out sums up a lot of the events of our shoots. 

One of the reasons this year has been such a turning point in the quality of my blog is due to the photos. As Katie & I have done more and more shoots, we've both grown in our skills so much. I think if you look back on my old posts, even the ones from January last year, the improvement is so evident. Thanks KB x

I'm so excited to carry on blogging and creating new content all the time, as I said before, my love for blogging hasn't gone yet. Love From Anastasia now has it's own domain so you can use 'WWW.LOVEFROMANASTASIA.CO.UK' to get to my blog! I'm working on finalising this and adding a '.COM' but it feels so good to have gotten rid of the blogspot!

Thank you for all your support & I can't wait for the next 2 years...

Love From Anastasia xo

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Busy busy day today with a 5 hour art exam and a video/photoshoot after that, hard work but I'm excited. I'm going to be shooting Katie who takes the majority of the photos for my blog, which will be nice for a change. I'm styling her up in my clothes and taking some shots which will go towards my graphics project. After doing a test shoot yesterday, I think it'll go really well today.

I'm looking out for some new clothes/pieces as my hardwork has paid off in the form of payday! You might be seeing a few new pieces on here soon, maybe... exciting!

This post obviously isn't a new outfit but it's a little break to show you another bit of me, on Instagram. I've got a really special post on Friday (instead of Saturday) to share with you, it's one I'm so proud of. Can't wait...

Love Holly Anastasia xo


PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE BRILL / STYLING: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSDRESS: H&MSo unfortunately I couldn't post this look yesterday but it's up now and I'm happy. This dress is perfect for spring/summer as it's a really lightweight material but isn't too thin - in England, it's not always hot in summer so it's perfect to wear on a day out with some flats and a casual bag. I picked this up mainly because it was a bit different from other tunic dresses due to the military combat style of it. Neutral colours are having their time at the moment and I think it's a perfect statement dress without being too out there. I've got a couple more outfits to show you from this shoot and before that I'm planning another shoot - exciting! Can't wait to show you. I hope you've had a good week, mine was so busy but so fun. I've just got back from a party with friends and I'm so tired but it was so fun to see everyone. What have you guys been doing? Love Holly Anastasia xo




Aren't these Calvin Klein's beautiful?!  They're possibly one of my best underwear purchases... I got these in the grey marl colour which personally I think is the nicest; second best would be the white. I love the simplicity of these and the fact they've got a touch of sports luxe to them through the material and elasticated edges. 
They are so so soft and comfortable to wear.  I think they're intended for more casual wear which is why they're so comfy but I would definitely wear the top as a crop in summer, as it's too perfect to keep under wraps all the time. 
I might post some colour versions of these photos so you can see the full effect of the grey marl, but for now I love these.
What do you guys think of my calvins?
Love Holly Anastasia xo



One of the things I wrote on my Blog Aims 2015 list (here) was to experiment with fashion and clothes more, as I think that's one of the only way to define your style. It helps you to work out what you like and don't and what works and doesn't. I haven't ever really done that on here as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and love my blog to be full of good content. Although recently I've been feeling that sometimes, it's nice to see where things didn't go so well. I love seeing bloggers/people experiment with fashion so thats the reason for this post. 

Whilst I was raiding H&M for my fave picks of their new collection, I saw these suede culottes. In theory they're an amazing high fashion piece which I suspect a lot of fashionistas will be coveting - there's been a few culotte spots on the cobbles at LFW already. 

The idea of culottes is one I adore; an oversized cropped trouser which cuts off mid calf, creating an amazing shape. Paired with chunky heels or boots in addition to a tight top and long coat, I think they could look incredible. Unfortunately for me, I don't think they quite worked. The idea was there, the execution didn't go to plan. 

Although these culottes are beautiful, I think it's just one of those things that don't work. I'm so glad I tried them and I do maintain that I love the way they cut off at the calf, as it creates a bit of interest rather than just having straight trousers.

How would you wear these pieces?

Love Holly Anastasia xo


PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE BRILL / STYLING: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSTOP/SKIRT: H&M / BOOTS: ASOS This outfit is the outfit of dreams, the colours and textures of the clothes are incredible and I love how it works so well together. Both the top & skirt are from the new range from H&M and are both of such good quality. The top is ribbed slightly in an elastic material which is perfectly figure hugging in the right places and the bardot style adds interest to this simple piece. This creates a nice contrast with the shape created by the skirt, which is made of an almost neoprene material, giving it structure, enhancing the silhouette. I love how both materials are quite thick and the way they sit on your body is comfortable but looks quite classy as well. I would probably team this with different shoes, maybe some nude heels to bring the colours together, but I think the boots work okay too.The studio was booked when we wanted to shoot so we went outside instead and luckily the sun was perfect for shooting! I feel like this set of photos are some of our best... Can't wait to show you more!I'm posting every Wednesday AND Saturday for the next 3 weeks, hopefully more as I've got loads to show you! So check back on Saturday as well for a new outfit. How would you guys style these pieces?Love Holly Anastasia xo



I've been so excited to release this shoot as it's one that Katie & I really had fun shooting. We took our main inspiration for this shoot from the FourFiveSeconds video by Rihanna/Kayne West & Paul MacCartney and the Calvin Klein jeans shoots. I love the idea of double denim and although this shoot isn't as wearable as it could be, I loved playing around with the poses & see how we could channel our inspiration into an outcome.

This shoot works especially well in Black & White and I love the contrast between the baggy jacket and tight jeans as I think that enhances the shape of the look. To make it more wearable, I'd layer up different shades of denim and wear black boots/heels. Maybe I'll try that out soon...

Finally sharing these photos is soo great, especially as I almost lost them off my laptop - thank god for iCloud! On Thursday Katie & I shot some really cool outfits and as it was so sunny, they came out so well. So look out for some of those next Wednesday!

Have a good weekend babes, 
Love Holly Anastasia xo


PHOTOGRAPHY / STYLING / HAIR & MAKEUP: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSMODEL: BETHANY EDWARDSSHIRT TOP / SKIRT: TBC / SHOES: TOPSHOPSome shots of my sister which I took for my new graphic design project. I'm creating the concept for a new vintage store, which includes the promotional graphics and design of things such as posters, apps & launch parties. I've named my store 'Uniform' linking to the vintage 'way of life' hopefully it'll work with the branding I want to create! 
They're only initial shots as I might do some more complicated/organised shoots to build up more of a style - I'm going for Nasty Gal/ Motel Rocks/ Urban Outfitters vibes, so hopefully with a new shoot I can channel this more.I did everything for this shoot which was a change from the normal, as I wasn't the model. I did Bethany's makeup and hair, styled the outfits and shot the photos. 
It wasn't too hard to do all this as working with Bethany is quite easy - she has the nicest skin so didn't need much makeup either. Yet she still looks soo good!This was one of my favourite outfits I styled as it's got quite interesting colours and patterns. I'll probably put up the other outfits we shot soon. I think the contrast between the neutral base of grey and beige paired with the flannel shirt makes a good impact and I love the difference in stripes and tartan style too.
I've got some exciting outfits to shoot & H&M have just released such a cool line, so I might shoot some of that too as I'm in love with it...Love Holly Anastasia xo
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