Blue Jeans

JACKET: SAINSBURY'S TU / SHIRT: H&M / JEANS: MANGO /  BOOTS: RIVER ISLAND / RING: PANDORA / NECKLACE: LISA ANGELPHOTOGRAPHY: SOPHIA CLIFFE / STYLING: HOLLY ANASTASIA EDWARDSThis is the last lot of photos Sophia & I did and I love them so much. I think this is a bit of an odd look and can't quite place where I'd wear it, but I like it at the same time. If you read every week, you know how I love these boots, they just add something to an outfit...I'm really looking forward to a new shoot with some fresh ideas and things! I should be going to London Fashion Weekend so I'll try and get some shots of the day and my outfit, which should come out well! Sorry this post didn't make it up yesterday, as usually I post every wednesday but today was long and hard. I went to service to celebrate the life of a family friend who sadly passed away. It was a beautiful service and just showed how it takes one amazing person to help and touch the lives of so many others.  Obviously, this took a portion of my day and I wanted to concentrate on that - hence the delay of the post!I'll make it up with a really exciting post coming soon!Love From Holly Anastasia xo


As promised, here's a preview of a post that'll go up soon. Not sure when, but I'll let you know on Twitter & Instagram. It's an exciting shoot and Katie & I are so proud of the outcomes. I hope you like them too!On Friday I went to see George Ezra at the Brixton Academy and he was insane, so so insane! Anyone else like his music? It really made me want to go to a festival as well...Finally, a little reminder that new posts go up every wednesday - sometimes extra posts on a Monday or Saturday so check back for more then, or follow me on Twitter & Instagram for updates!

Love Holly Anastasia xo

This Week


This outfit is more of a comfy outfit, even though the boots don't look it - they really are. I love the contrast between the slouchy jumper and the leather look of the boots which makes the look a bit chicer. To dress this outfit down I wear blue jeans and converse or slip ons, obviously more of a casual look.

I'm so pleased with these photos, I think this is one of my favourite looks just because of the whole concept of the photos. This week I'm having a little school detox and I've visited my mum with some friends, which is so lovely. Tomorrow we're going shopping and friday I go home and then straight off to see George Ezra at Brixton! Such a good week! 

There'll be a teaser post on Saturday of an outfit going up on Wednesday, which I'm so excited about! 
I hope you have a good week!

Love From, Holly Anastasia X



Katie & I have been experimenting a bit and thinking of creative ways to do things and these photos are the result of this. I'm so pleased with the outcome of them and think they're so valentines...

I wore this Missguided dress to my work christmas party and have loved it ever since, might be wearing it tomorrow too! I also wanted to try out a bit more of a different look with the dress so paired it with this Topshop jumper, which I think adds so much interest to the outfit. A cute little pairing, or inspiration for tomorrow!

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and spend it with the people you love!

Love to you all,
from Holly Anastasia X



In one of my recent posts, I styled an outfit and said that I'd try and recreate it as best I could. I think that I wasn't too far off the original way I styled it, aside from a different top and no watch, it's pretty similar. 

I wanted the focus of this outfit to be the blazer, as it's a statement piece. I explained a lot about this outfit in the other post so if you want to know more about why I styled it with everything look here. The shirt gives the outfit a more preppy feel and if it's not worn with confidence, I feel like it could be looked at in a different way. Although for a day look I think I'd prefer to wear a crop top or tshirt. 

And the boots are back in this look! I had loads of comments on them, which makes me want to keep them more haha. They're not too far off the Roland Mouret boots in the outfit I styled it with, which is a bonus because they're so much cheaper. 

I'm shooting in a different location today with Katie, so hopefully by next wednesday I'll be able to show you new looks with a new vibe...I'm excited. Trying out more adventurous outfits if getting me motivated too. Although I've still got more to show you with this background though! 

What would you style with this blazer?
Love Holly Anastasia X


Happy Monday babes! I've been working all day on some graphics and pinterest has been my main source of inspiration; spending all day on there makes for a lot of distraction and the trench is something I've been wanting for ages... Here's some inspiration.

Which one is your favourite? Mines top left...Kylie Jenner always haha.

Love From Holly Anastasia X

Burberry Prorsum SS15 Review (Vodafone London Fashion Weekend Entry)

Hey beauts, so if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen that I entered the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend competition to become their Official SS15 Blogger. To enter, you had to review a British Designer's collection from a previous Summer/Spring Collection. Although I didn't win, I managed to come up 5th out of all the entries and made it into the Top 10 entries and this is such a huge achievement. I was also given a ticket to attend the weekend, which is also very exciting!

So as it's a fashion based competition, I wanted to share my entry with you as it might be something you're interested in. My entry is on the Burberry Prorsum SS15 Womenswear Collection, which I absolutely it is:

"Set in Kensington Gardens, to the sound of James Bay and his raw acoustic music, Burberry Prorsum's SS15 show curated by Chief Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, brought something new to London Fashion Week. Pairing cropped box jackets with delicate dresses or skirts made with tulle of chiffon created a modern approach to an 80's inspired wardrobe.
The outerwear was greatly influenced by the boxy silhouette of the 80's; models wore cropped denim jackets with PVC or fur detail. The classic Burberry trench coat was redefined using the same materials, which gave a new twist on the style staple. 
Contrasting to the lines formed by masculine shapes of the outerwear, the dresses and skirts touched on a more feminine side. The sheer tulle and chiffon accentuates the model's figure, moving more freely than the structured jackets.
A mix of modern, vibrant colours and neutral earthy tones were used in the collection, which nods to the new artistic approach presented at recent Burberry shows. Purples, greens, blues and reds were the colours central to the collection with different tones and variations, which add interest to each piece.
The collection saw a mix of trainers and Birkenstock influenced sandals worn on the catwalk, again mixing modern and retro styles. As the models walked the finale, dressed in hand painted trench coats, the catwalk was awash with colour. Models wearing the artistic impressionist patterns in array of colours spread down the length of the catwalk and maintained the artisan theme of the show."

I also wanted to add a side note about taking opportunities, as this achievement wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a go. By taking the chance, knowing the worst thing I could face was not making the top 10, I reaped the rewards of making the top 5 and getting recognition for my work. I don't blog solely for recognition but the sense of achievement comes with any line of work, so it's always nice. But again, I wouldn't have had this achievement if I hadn't tried it out. You have to go out there and get what you want, as it won't be handed to you. I think this lesson resonates so much with me now as I'm so close to leaving school and trying to cease all the opportunities I can get!

Hope you have a good weekend babies
Love Holly Anastasia X

All Black Everything


All black everything... This is another look I shot with Sophia the other day which I've been wearing a lot recently. I recently rediscovered this shirt and can't get enough of it. I saw a khaki version of it on ASOS and I'm kind of tempted by it. Maybe I'll get it?

When I wear black I always try and mix textures so that it doesn't look flat. Here I love the mix leather and chiffon because it contrasts edgy and delicate. To school, I wear this with black boots instead of heels so the look is so easy to dress up or down as well. 

What are you guys up to this week? I've just finished two deadlines for my A Levels and now I've only got one more to go, then I'm done. I can't wait.

Have a good day hunnies,
Love Holly Anastasia X

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