The Olivia Jeans.


It's my first time using my new camera woo! I got given a Canon 700D in the Rebel model and it's absolutely beautiful! The main reason for getting this camera was to help me to carry on blogging after I leave school. It's really convent for me now that I've got Katie to take my photos for me, as it means I can guarantee the quality of my photos. However after the summer I'm moving to Sheffield and won't be able to take her with me haha! So I've now got the big job of learning how to use the camera. I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my first attempts (2nd one HERE) but it'll be more youtube tutorials for me!

I brought these jeans a couple of days before Christmas when I went shopping with my Mum. They're some of the most amazing fitting jeans I've bought and couldn't be happier with the sale price. I've always loved the way Mango jeans fit and these, The Olivia Skinny, are so good for me as well. I'm not too tall so getting the right length is hard for me, but there's not too much at the bottom, so it doesn't bunch up. I might need to purchase a belt as I think it'll be useful to break up the gap when I'm wearing tops that don't cover the waistline. Any shops with good belts? I'm thinking black & gold/silver...

I've worn these jeans so much over the Christmas break and paired them with turtle necks, scarfs and boots mostly, sometimes shirts or a big jumper. I think these jeans will be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe as I can team them with so many different items.

How are you guys? I've been overcome with excitement to get back into routine & do some work. Although it's a bit weird to say I leave school in 4 months! See you soon babes!

Love Holly Anastasia X

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