Can't believe these are the first set of photos where you can see my new hair in detail! It feels like ages ago I got it done. What do you think? If you didn't see it before you can see it here
This is the dress I wore on my 18th last month; I got it in the H&M sale and I was so lucky they had it in my size. It's a thick material which is perfect to wear in winter as it's not cold. On my birthday I wore it with tights & black ankle boots but here I thought I'd pair it with some high knee boots to give the look a new vibe. 

I can't remember the exact makeup I wore on the day but I love the makeup with this dress as it adds impact but doesn't detract from the whole look. How beautiful are these boots? I borrowed them from a friend to shoot a few looks so this month you'll probably see a lot of them - at least they're gorgeous. I didn't think I'd suit this style of boots but now I'm obsessed, so I'll be on the lookout for my own.

I'm not feeling great so won't write much more & I've got a shed load of work to do before Monday. Right now I'm drinking hot chocolate in bed and listening to a bit of Hozier...chilled afternoon. Which I need after today!

Hope you're having a good day,
Love Holly Anastasia X

Styling A Rolex


Hey guys, I thought I'd do a styling post this week as I haven't done one in ages. I was recently introduced to Invaluable Auctions and I loved the variety of watches up for auction. I really want a watch so this a little experiment to see how I'd wear it.

Firstly to the boots. These are the Roland Mouret Reiki boots and they're so gorgeous. If the price tag wasn't so large, I'd get my hands on them straight away. I think the leather look of these boots adds some interest and the slim heel makes them look more chic and helps keep the smooth line created by the over knee.

I brought this sleeveless blazer a few weeks ago and I just love how different is, I've been trying to buy clothes that are different to what I'd normally wear and this is something not too far off my style yet different from the normal.

To keep with the monochrome look I've gone for a simple white crop top and black skirt to make sure the focus is on the other aspects of the outfit. The watch is a 34mm Rolex with a blue dial, which I also thought was more interesting to wear than just a plain silver watch. You can find it here on their website or you can look at their womens watches here

I should be shooting with Katie soon (fingers crossed) so I'll try to recreate this look as close as possible as I have a lot of this look anyway.

Would you wear this look? 

Love Holly Anastasia X

2014 In Outfits

It's so hard to believe some of these outfits were shot last year, it seems so so long ago. Putting all these photos together really makes me see how much I spend time on my blog, yet I still want to do more! 

I think I can tell how much I've grown and how my style has changed over the past year and I think it's amazing to see the progression in photos. I expected to be staring at a lot of black clothes in these photos but I'd forgotten that I do wear colour occasionally.

I thought I'd also share with you some of my favourite blog moments from 2014:
1. Getting shortlisted in Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards 2014 (Best Teen Style Blogger)
2. Meeting new people through blogging and youtube, who I now call friends
3. Focusing my blog more towards styling outfits
4. Shooting in London with Katie 
5. Realising what I can achieve through blogging and being motivated to do more

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how I can bring my blog to the next level, as I'm always looking to improve in some way. I read my last New Years post (here) and I talk about some goals I set myself. One of which was starting to post regular posts, which I've definitely achieved since last year. I've got into a routine and I think that's payed off. 

For this year, I have got a few things I want to set as goals:
1. Post twice a week
2. Style photoshoots with models in addition to personal style shoots
3. Experiment more with fashion

I won't be able to start posting twice a week until my A2 exams are over, but hopefully, this will start happening soon after that. I'm so excited for the year ahead as finishing school and starting new things is such an exciting prospect. It's going to be so fun! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my year in outfits and I just wanted to say thank you for reading. I really appreciate the comments from you guys and I spurs me on to do more, so thank you! 

Which outfit is your favourite?

Love From, Holly Anastasia X

The Olivia Jeans.


It's my first time using my new camera woo! I got given a Canon 700D in the Rebel model and it's absolutely beautiful! The main reason for getting this camera was to help me to carry on blogging after I leave school. It's really convent for me now that I've got Katie to take my photos for me, as it means I can guarantee the quality of my photos. However after the summer I'm moving to Sheffield and won't be able to take her with me haha! So I've now got the big job of learning how to use the camera. I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my first attempts (2nd one HERE) but it'll be more youtube tutorials for me!

I brought these jeans a couple of days before Christmas when I went shopping with my Mum. They're some of the most amazing fitting jeans I've bought and couldn't be happier with the sale price. I've always loved the way Mango jeans fit and these, The Olivia Skinny, are so good for me as well. I'm not too tall so getting the right length is hard for me, but there's not too much at the bottom, so it doesn't bunch up. I might need to purchase a belt as I think it'll be useful to break up the gap when I'm wearing tops that don't cover the waistline. Any shops with good belts? I'm thinking black & gold/silver...

I've worn these jeans so much over the Christmas break and paired them with turtle necks, scarfs and boots mostly, sometimes shirts or a big jumper. I think these jeans will be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe as I can team them with so many different items.

How are you guys? I've been overcome with excitement to get back into routine & do some work. Although it's a bit weird to say I leave school in 4 months! See you soon babes!

Love Holly Anastasia X

Lucky Punch.


It's 2015! This year has gone so so quickly and so much has happened for me. I was thinking of doing a year round up, maybe my favourite outfits, events & moments? If I do it won't be until a few weeks.

These photos are some of my faves from the London Shoot and I didn't realise until I was making this post. It's not an outfit I'd wear out and about but I'm trying to incorporate more experimenting and this is a look that I wanted to try out. Varsity/Sports Luxe. 

We shot these next to the Apollo Theatre near a sports bar. Although we took pictures in the Bar, it was quite dark in there so none of them came out too well. I loved how fun it was to shoot all around London and I think it both drove us to create the best outcomes yet. Did you guys like them?

This is a Vintage mesh Baseball shirt I brought from Camden a couple of years ago; I love it and it's a nice thing to chuck on with a pair of jeans, or shorts in the summer. On the front it says 'Lucky Punch' and after searching the internet, I couldn't find the origin of it which is disappointing...

I love this cap as it's so different and adds a bit of interest to the outfit. Although the mix of pleather, mesh & croc print on the shoes creates a lot of texture in the outfit, which I love. 

What are your plans for the New Year? Anything exciting or goals you've set? Comment below!

Love Holly Anastasia X

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