Our Work Is Never Done.


This quote is quite a relevant one and one I love a lot. 'Our work is never done'. There's always going to be another challenge, another goal or another person to help.  Although I do have the occasional lie-in on a weekend, I love to be active, motivated and have some sort of direction to be heading in. I think there's something so admirable in a person who works continuously to achieve. One of the things that makes me happy is when people start doing something they love; like a job, dream or goal they have in their life. I find that really inspiring.

Recently inspiration has come in the form of Danny Baldwin's photography. I went to the V&A with school and attended his talk about his journey into fashion photography and what advice he gives to people trying to get into the creative industries and it was actually really engaging. After the talk I found his photography and there was one editorial shoot he did for Hunger Magazine - 'Man v Man'. I've started to create some artwork based on his work so once it's finished I might show you guys.

This outfit relates back to inspiration as this was the first look for our shoot in London a few weeks back. We stepped up from the tube into an amazing sky onto Oxford Street and for some reason it felt so inspiring, although I've been there many times...

This fur jacket is soo gorgeous isn't it? I saw it on Isabella Thordsen's instagram and instantly fell in love. I got it on ASOS although the brand is Barney's Originals. It's such a gorgeous soft touch, really lightweight and I love the ombré colouring. I think this look is perfectly simple, as there's no need for anything jazzy with this fur going on. The cat eye sunglasses also finish off the outfit and make it a bit cleaner, in contrast with the fur. I finished the look with simple gold accessories; some shaped rings and a cuff. Very simple additions but I feel that they lift the outfit and emphasis the coat a bit as well.

Today I'm going to get my hair done and I'm soo excited. The run up to my birthday is a good one this year and I've got things happening every day. I'll show you my new hair after its done - maybe tomorrow!

Love from Anastasia X

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