British Mens Collective.

I know I promised an outfit post this week but there were some problems with the photos so I'll get them up ASAP! In the meantime, here's a look at some Mens Fashion in Bicester Village.

Working in Bicester Village has it's perks; being a centre of high fashion, it sees many collections and exhibits coming through and one in particular that caught my attention was the British Mens Collective curated by GQ. This collective saw many different designers and although I wasn't in the Village for the launch, I took a look a few weeks ago and it was so exciting. 

I've only recently become interested in Menswear but it's become such a big thing for me and the British Mens Collective has inspired me to look into it more. The thing I loved most about the designers' work was the different materials, the prints and the shapes included. 

Two of my favourite designers from the collective were Kit Neale and James Long. I love the prints in Kit Neales work as they're so vibrant and different. These pieces would work so well altogether to create an energetic outfit and in contrast if you used only one item, it would be a simple statement piece. James Long's designs interest me because of the materials. I love mesh material and I think the use of the mesh in a jacket and overlay t-shirts is so amazing. The mesh just gives it an urban feel and  it adds more texture to an outfit. 
 I can't wait for the new menswear shoot I've got coming up and we've got some really great models to work with. At the moment I'm sorting out the looks they'll wear and getting some photography inspiration, and it's making me really excited! 

Love From, Anastasia X

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