Two Seasons.

Some previews of the Motel Rocks Press Day and Liberty London; I've taken some more on my phone and I've got the ones on my camera so there'll be more to come. Who likes my Seekers Of The Sun tattoos? It felt weird going to look at Swimsuits then christmas decorations in the same few hours, like two seasons. 

My Drama exam is all over and now I'm free-ish to do other things, finally. Can't wait to get on with festive parties and things! Exciting! I've still got to decide what to wear for my work christmas party which is next week...Stress! 

My hair appointment is all booked and I can't wait to get it done ready for my birthday. Maybe I'll keep it as surprise what I'm getting? Haven't decided yet...

What are you guys up to? 

Sloane Square.


Sloane Square was a lovely place to shoot this outfit and when we got there, not many people were there so we had time to get some great shots. Do you like it? This outfit is a go-to as it's Black & Camel, which is so easy to chuck on. I think some black leather chelsea boots would've been nice to wear with this but I don't own any yet, I've only got my brown ones. I adore this River Island coat, it's become my staple coat. Although sometimes it becomes the main focus in my outfits, like in this one, as I wear a lot of black haha!

I went to the Motel Rocks Press Day yesterday and met some lovely girls including Chidera - (The Slumflower), Jen (Jen Electro) & Chanel (Chanelly). They were so lovely and their blogs are beaut, so check them out as well! I got some Fudge Urban hairspray and some other gifts in the goodie bags which I'm excited to use.

Today felt so long and I've got work in a bit so I won't be back until late, which sucks. Tomorrow I've got an evening off so I'll focus on my work and maybe set up another post if I have time. There's a long to-do list I've got to complete so that's gonna be a long one. Although some of it includes a haircut & birthday antics, so it's not all bad! I might show you the inspiration for my hair, maybe? 

Love from Anastasia X

Anastasia On Instagram

Hey pups, how are you? If you haven't already, find me on instagram & follow for more fashion inspiration, some selfies & quotes! I love instagram as it's where I find the most inspiration for outfits, photography  and other ideas. If you have instagram let me know in the comments or tweet me and I might give you a follow so I can grab some more inspo! 

Today I'm going to the Motel Rocks SS15 Press Day to look at their new swimwear and clothing for Spring/Summer. I'm so excited! Although, I'm going to Liberties London after to look at the Christmas shop and I feel like I'll have gone through the seasons within an hour or two haha! I'll be taking lots of photos hopefully that might appear soon as well. 

On a side note - who's heard Beyoncé's new song 7/11? I love it so much, it's so sassy! The video is a little homemade one of Bey running around in different outfits with her dancers and I'd recommend you to watch it (especially if you love Beyoncé) That'll definitely be my tune of choice on my journey today. 

Hope you're all well,
Love XO

Autumn Leaves.


Wassuppp babes? 
I've been waiting to show you these photos before the leaves fell off the trees, I love this setting so much. It feels so Autumnal and perfect. My mum always used to point out the autumn leaves on car journeys and they're always such beautiful colours aren't they? 

I don't think I would wear this outfit loads out, I'd probably tie something round my waist, or layer another shirt underneath to make it warmer for the weather now. I love the green tartan against the clean white jeans, it keeps the focus on the shirt. The shirt is actually a dress from River Island, has anyone got it? I have worn it as a dress but the oversized shirt works well too.

The jewellery adds so much to the outfit, as always it's gold rings & things. I love this bracelet I got from my friend Tallulah about 3 years ago - it used to have a heart hanging from it, but I think it's simplicity without it is lovely too. It's such a casual outfit and my shoes are super comfy too. Croc print is something I've been loving and I've now got 2 pairs of croc print shoes! 

Katie and I had such a funny time shooting these photos - apparently changing in an empty car park isn't as easy as it seems haha...

I had such a mare with spelling the word 'leaves'. Silly I know, but I had a mental blank! I guess it's just been a busy week. I've got a deadline on Friday and still have so much work to do for it, work work work is all I'll be doing. I do have a slight release on Friday as I'm going to visit my Mum for a few days with friends, which will be lovely and good to relax in the countryside.

What are you pups up to? 
Speaking of Pups - We're getting a new puppy in february! We're thinking of names and we've got some good ideas so far. Any good suggestions? Let me know.

Loveee xo

British Mens Collective.

I know I promised an outfit post this week but there were some problems with the photos so I'll get them up ASAP! In the meantime, here's a look at some Mens Fashion in Bicester Village.

Working in Bicester Village has it's perks; being a centre of high fashion, it sees many collections and exhibits coming through and one in particular that caught my attention was the British Mens Collective curated by GQ. This collective saw many different designers and although I wasn't in the Village for the launch, I took a look a few weeks ago and it was so exciting. 

I've only recently become interested in Menswear but it's become such a big thing for me and the British Mens Collective has inspired me to look into it more. The thing I loved most about the designers' work was the different materials, the prints and the shapes included. 

Two of my favourite designers from the collective were Kit Neale and James Long. I love the prints in Kit Neales work as they're so vibrant and different. These pieces would work so well altogether to create an energetic outfit and in contrast if you used only one item, it would be a simple statement piece. James Long's designs interest me because of the materials. I love mesh material and I think the use of the mesh in a jacket and overlay t-shirts is so amazing. The mesh just gives it an urban feel and  it adds more texture to an outfit. 
 I can't wait for the new menswear shoot I've got coming up and we've got some really great models to work with. At the moment I'm sorting out the looks they'll wear and getting some photography inspiration, and it's making me really excited! 

Love From, Anastasia X

Girl Boss.


Babesss, how are you? You don't understand how excited I've been for this set of photos to start being released! Me & Katie worked really hard on these; how beautiful is Katie's photography!

This outfit is more of a transitional outfit and it works well to keep you warm as well as taking advantage and wearing no tights when it's not crazy cold. Of course Britain is keeping us guessing at the moment and there's some random warmer days. 

This coat is a fave as it is light and allows you to layer up underneath - which is what I love to do when it gets colder. A huge scarf is a must as it's getting colder and this one is Katie's, I wish I had one like it.

We shot these photos in a cute pub called the Long Dog, I love the setting here with this outfit. I've also started reading Girl Boss, which is an exciting read - although I'm not a fast reader I'm getting through it haha!

At the moment I'm at my friends house for tea. When I get home I've got to iron loads of clothes, tidy my room & do my graphic design work...I am living the dream hunnies!

What do you think of the photos? 
Love from Anastasia XO

From London With Love

Burberry has become one of my favourite designers recently and this video made me love them even more. The dancing and clothes work so well. And how could you not love Romeo Beckham, he's the sweetest. I thought I'd share this with you before bed...late night I know, working hard obviously.

Night pups XO


Today is going to be a chilled sunday; I've had quite a good weekend so far and managed to catch up on some sleep which is good. I worked on Friday & Saturday so today will be my day off. I came home last night to my new ASOS order & the new ELLE with Emma Watson on the cover. Isn't she so beautiful! Her interview is focused on her recent UN speech on Feminism and I'm excited to read it. ELLE always has such great inspiration & fashion editorials and I'm hoping they'll inspire me for when I go back to school tomorrow.

I've had such a good but tiring holiday and now I'm ready to get back into a routine and do some work. I know I'm the minority who actually looks forward to going back to school but I love seeing everyone. 

For now though, I'm happy listening to Sam Smith & George Ezra and pottering around for a bit- I'll savour that while it lasts. Have I told you that my friend Molly and I are going to see George Ezra in February? We got tickets on Friday! I'm so excited as I've wanted to see him live for ages, and now I can! 

I hope you guys have a good week coming up! Can't wait to show you some new photos soon babies! 
Love From Anastasia X

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