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Hey guys, how are you? Even though it's nearing the end of September, I still wanted to share this amazing smock dress with you - hopefully some of you will still be seeing the sun a bit before Autumn comes.

I love this outfit as it's the perfect mix of casual and statement. The smock cut enhances the relaxed shape and feel of the material is super comfy. I really enjoy the print on the dress as it's bold and draws attention without having too much garish colour. The way that the print has a pattern works really well with the cut of the dress as the sections of the pattern hang really nicely where the fabric has been made to ruffle up.

As the dress is so relaxed, I wore my chelsea boots as these are really comfy and I really like the colour of them alongside the dress. 

I really enjoyed shooting this outfit (and a few others) as it marks the start of Katie being the main photographer on my blog. For now we're just shooting outfits in a studio and the photos have turned out really well, we're so excited to carry on showing our work. I've said so many times on my blog, but Katie is an amazing photographer and I'm so glad we're getting to work more now. Go check out her website for more of her work if you enjoyed this. 

What would you style this dress with? 

Love From, Anastasia X


  1. Gorgeous smock dress! You looks so pretty :D
    I like the backgrounds you have used as well :)
    I'd style it with a long gold necklace and some cute flats, maybe a floppy hat or a grey cardigan :D

    1. It is isn't it!! Thank you so much beaut & yeah I love the hand drawn background!
      Yeah that's such a lovely outfit idea, that would look amazing X


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