Hairsformation at Lifestyle Salons.

Today I wanted to tell you a little about my hairsformation that took place just after summer. I've wanted to go blonder for a while now, and when I ombred my hair last year, it got me itching to dye it more. The first photo was taken this summer, and my ombre is still visible, but not to the degree I wanted. When I finally got round to booking my appointment, I still wanted to go blonder but as it would move into Autumn/Winter quite soon I didn't want to go very light that quickly. So I decided to have my ombre redone whilst adding highlights as well. 

I went to Lifestyle Salons to get this done as it's my favourite salon, and I always get the best service there. I had a consultation before coming in for my appointment which meant I could get a better idea of what I wanted before any dye went on. My lovely hairdresser Charly helped me to decide on how to go blonder without over doing it and we settled on the highlighted ombre style. 

When you go to Lifestyles, you're treated to complimentary food & drink, which makes waiting for your dye to develop so much easier! The salons are lovely and bright and the staff are always on hand if you need anything. I got given loads of magazines to flick through whilst waiting for my dye to develop and had a good little read for 45 minutes.

As part of the routine for hair washing, there's a section which is essentially a head massage. The room for washing is dim and so relaxing that when the massage section comes in, I feel like I could stay there for an hour longer. For an additional charge, they do also offer a shiatsu head massage, which would be amazing, if the mini massage is anything to go on.

I'm in love with the result of my salon trip, and I sort of wish I could go every week! What do you guys think of my new hair? It's gotten lighter since the bottom photo was taken so I've now got a few highlights coming through as well! 

I'd recommend you to check out Lifestyle Salons and see if it's near to you as I've been a loyal customer for a few years and they've always been incredible! 

Love From Anastasia X



Hey babes, hope you're all well!

Having been nagged all of the last school year to wear smarter clothes, this year, I brought a few school-proof pieces to mix in with my current wardrobe. This outfit is one of the smarter ones I wear and I think it's a simple pairing to slip on in the morning. 

An all black look is the easiest look to pull off and this is the key to this outfit. The items are all really simple; a chiffon wrap top, a body con skirt and boots. I love this chiffon top as it falls so beautifully and I think the way it hangs once it's tucked in adds an extra detail to the outfit that makes it stand out a little more. The contrast in shapes from the top to the skirt means that the attention is drawn to different parts of the outfit in turn. 

The boots aren't really 'business' wear, I love them with this outfit as it makes it a bit more edgy. However, this outfit would look really good with some black strap heels, or even flats. I also wanted to point out my amazing earrings from River Island - they've got a double stud so one pearl sits where a normal earring would, but there's another attachment which lets another pearl drop underneath your lobe! They're so beautiful and the double pearl feature adds another interesting detail. 

Today I've got so much work to do and I'm having a massive session of uninterrupted work (hopefully) to get loads done! I can't wait for tomorrow as it's payday so Emily and I are going to go shopping and get some new clothes woo! You'll obviously get to see these new purchases on here soon as well.

What do you wear to work or as formal clothing? Comment below!

Love From Anastasia X

Boho In Boohoo.


Hey guys, how are you? Even though it's nearing the end of September, I still wanted to share this amazing smock dress with you - hopefully some of you will still be seeing the sun a bit before Autumn comes.

I love this outfit as it's the perfect mix of casual and statement. The smock cut enhances the relaxed shape and feel of the material is super comfy. I really enjoy the print on the dress as it's bold and draws attention without having too much garish colour. The way that the print has a pattern works really well with the cut of the dress as the sections of the pattern hang really nicely where the fabric has been made to ruffle up.

As the dress is so relaxed, I wore my chelsea boots as these are really comfy and I really like the colour of them alongside the dress. 

I really enjoyed shooting this outfit (and a few others) as it marks the start of Katie being the main photographer on my blog. For now we're just shooting outfits in a studio and the photos have turned out really well, we're so excited to carry on showing our work. I've said so many times on my blog, but Katie is an amazing photographer and I'm so glad we're getting to work more now. Go check out her website for more of her work if you enjoyed this. 

What would you style this dress with? 

Love From, Anastasia X



Heyyy pups, I didn't realise how long it's been since I've updated my blog! I've had so much to do recently and loads has gone on, but now I'm back and posts will be going up on wednesdays again, yay!

I met up with my friend Rose (Check out her blog here) who I met at the Company Magazine Blogger Awards, and we went to London and had a beaut day. We looked around London and I had my first ever Yo Sushi, it was soo good! We were both looking forward to shopping but neither of us ended up buying anything, which was disappointing. Rose took these blog photos and they've turned out so well, I love the way the outfit photographed.

White is a bit of an obsession of mine and I've recently bought loads of white stuff, although as it gets into A/W I'll probably be loving warm tones more. I mixed different shades of light colours as I think it's a really nice mix of different shades. It was quite hot in London when we went so the light colours were perfect. 

I hope you guys are all doing well! Who's gone back to school or uni? Comment below your staple item of clothing for the new season!
Have a good week you babes, Love From Anastasia X

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