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Recently I attended a Wedding and seeing as it was such a special occasion, I thought I'd dress up my nails and buy some new nails. I haven't used fake nails since last December (my birthday) and they were amazing Henry Holland ones, so I was really excited to try out these beautiful 'Totally Bare' nails from Elegant Touch. My sister wore some incredible Floral nails from Ted Baker that I brought for her a while ago, which were also equally as beautiful. I thought I'd just share my thoughts about the nails and the designs, as I'm a sucker for fake nails, I love reading this style of post!

My nails are called 'Totally Bare' 002 from Elegant Touch; they also have UV Technology but I wasn't under any UV lights so I didn't get to experience that extra. The thing that drew me to these nails especially was the minimalistic design - meaning they had no design. I vaguely knew what I was wearing to the wedding so I could play off that and knew I wanted statement but minimal nails. I think these nails fit the bill perfectly; the fact that they're oval shaped (not quite a stiletto nail) gave much more of an impact than a shorter set of the same colour. The colour matched my outfit perfectly and complimented the rings I was wearing as they added length to my fingers, making them look more slender. 

Despite being so much longer than my normal nails, they're not that hard to cope with. I've been able to do all the normal things I would be able to such as eat & type without struggling. At first I find I'm always cautious not to use my hands whilst I'm waiting for the glue to dry, but as this only takes a couple of minutes maximum, I could leave the house shortly after applying them. 

My sister's nails are called 'Faked To Perfection'  by Ted Baker. I bought these for her last October but they're still on sale in Boots HERE if you like the look of them. The print on these is so vibrant and stands out so much. I think printed nails are gorgeous and the floral effect on these are amazing and so well designed. Each one is printed clearly and I like the way that there are different nail designs for each nail, meaning you can create a pattern or mix and match the nails you put on. Bethany wore these nails with a pastel green/mint green dress and the print really lifted the dress and added some subtle detail to the outfit. 

Some of her nails did actually come off a few times but we think that was because she wasn't generous enough with the glue - so make sure if you do buy these beauties that you use enough glue! Bethany preferred the shorter option of nails and these were a nice length for her. She normally hasn't got much nail going on so she struggled a bit with the length to start off with, but again it didn't take long for her to get used to them and use her hands normally.

I've fallen in love with both of these nail packs, especially mine, and would definitely go back and buy some new designs from each of the brands Elegant Touch and Ted Baker. 

Which were your favourite? Comment Below!

Love From Anastasia X

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