LFA x KBrill Photography | Kylie Jenner Style #3

                                                                                                                                  part three.
So this is the last of the Kylie Jenner Style posts and I hope you've enjoyed them! I just want to share a bit about them to give some background info about the looks & photography.
The theme of this shoot was obviously Kylie Jenner, but we wanted to focus on Kylie personality and background as well as her style. It's for this reason we chose to have our location on the grounds of a Manor house, highlighting her glamorous lifestyle. The Manor was perfect because it gave beautiful scenery like the Rose Garden and water fountains and also had areas like the caves & grassy areas which hinted towards Kylie's more urban personality & style.
Kylie is known for her incredible Instagram pictures so during the editing, we made them look like they're taken straight from Instagram, using filters, light leaks and other effects. I love the way these turned out as they look so insta-ready. For the shooting, Katie used the location to kind of set the mood and tone of the photos, as they really added to the effect of the outfits. 
For the outfits, I wanted to show a range of her style, going from glamorous to urban and casual. I based a couple of the outfits around what I've seen her wear in photos and others I styled just based on what her style is. The more casual outfits I used a couple of simple pieces like jeans and a baggy top as Kylie has quite a relaxed style when she wants to, and I think these looks are really easy to recreate when you're just at home or having a chilled day out. 

I wanted the more dressed up outfit to have more of an urban feel to it as well, and so I added the chain jewellery. Kylie also wears a lot of Crop Tops paired with either skirts, shorts or jeans so I wanted to incorporate this style into the shoot. In one used faux leather shorts as leather is always a staple piece in a wardrobe and it always enhances a look due to the mix of textures. In the other I used a Zip Detail Wrap Over mini skirt as Kylie wears similar skirts and the wrap over style is everywhere. 

Katie and I worked really hard to get this shoot to a high standard and channel Kylie Jenner's style and personality through the images so I hope you really enjoyed them! Make sure to check out the photographer (KBrill Photography) Katie's links which I'll put below. She's such a talented photographer and I can't wait to work with her more. You  can also find my links to Twitter & Instagram in the side bar.

Let me know what you thought of the shoot in the comments below! What was your favourite outfit?

Love From Anastasia x


  1. WOW Such an amazing shoot! You both did amazing, love the outfits, backgrounds, and filters!
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much beaut, we're both so pleased! Thank you for the feedback! X

  2. Such a gorgeous shoot babes! I am obsessed, you look fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! X


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