Last Day of (Total) Freedom.

I've been off school since the 12th of May due to Year 12 Study Leave; although for me it's been a month long holiday, as I finished all my exams on the 11th of May. I'm going to miss my 'free' life and I can pretty much guarantee I'll wake up late on Wednesday when I have to go back. Oh well, I've only got a while left then I'm on Summer holidays! 

It feels as though as soon as I get back to school, things are going to go really fast and really slow at the same time. I start my new job on wednesday and then next wednesday I am going to the awards, it feels so crazy. Yet at the same time really slow, as we have don't have much school work to do and we're all just holding out until the summer!

I love these photos as they kind of give a little insight into what I've been up to - aside from blogging of course!
 What are you guys up to? 


  1. good luck on your new job and at the awards! I'm so jealous of your free time haha, although summer's not too far! Your flower crown in the last photo is so beautiful<3 xx

    1. Thank you so much beaut! Well it's over as of today but yeah not long until summer!! Thank you, it's from Crown & Glory, I love it! X

  2. Oh my god I am the exact same! Back tomorrow and dreading it! Looks like you've had a ball!
    Emily x

    1. Hahah not fun...Oh well it has to be done ;) haha I have! X


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