Hair Remedies: Day & Night Balms

Having long hair means that I’m in a constant battle with split ends; because your hair is essentially ‘dead’ at the ends, any heat, brushing and styling causes more damage than it should.

Therefore, I am always looking for split end treatments and hair repair products. I’ve tried endless products and there never seems to be anything that works after the first few uses – aside from the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends range and the Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Morocan Argon Oil Mask. However, those products are shampoos and conditioners, and I wanted extra protection.

I’ve found two products that work like a Day and Night balm for your hair. I have tried these out for a while and now I wanted to share them with you.

This first product is the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonderbalm and I use this in the morning (after washing my hair) as a day balm. It says: 'A miracle leave-in balm' which 'helps give you moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, light hold, high humidity protection and manageability' - so it promises a lot. I was a bit skeptical about the how accurate the delivery of these promises would be, but as I got it free from ELLE Magazine, I gave it a shot.

I use it after towel drying my hair, as it instructs, then use my fingers to run it through the lengths of my hair. Then I brush my damp hair through to make sure the balm has gone from roots to ends. I may add another small amount to my ends just to make sure the extra protection is focused on my split ends. 

I dry my hair using a normal hairdryer and a brush or a barrel roll hairdryer. After I've dried it, I brush my hair quickly again and the results of using the Wonderbalm are evident. My hair is visibly smoother, softer and shinier and the ends definitely feel and look more hydrated than they used to. 

I can't whole heartily say that I found my hair to be more manageable, have more definition and as it's not humid here, I don't know whether it protects me against that.

  However, I do know that overall, this product has been amazing to use. The overall look and feel of my hair has improved greatly along with feeling physically stronger. I also don't my split ends are worsening which is a great result. 

This product is the Umberto Giannini 'Beauty Secrects' Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm. I use it at night as it says it's 'A leave-in hydrating night cream for the hair'. It also says that 'the lightweight balm disappears on the hair and penetrates the hair shaft with hydrating repair'. I did actually have to google 'hair shaft' but it basically means the hair visible above the scalp. 

This product instructs you to use it overnight on dry hair... to be honest this was challenging for me because putting as wet balm onto dry hair didn't make sense to me. Then I realised that this product is just like lip balm for hair, as you put lip balm, full of moisture, onto dry lips and this product is just the same.

So after getting over my initial trouble, I did give this a go and it actually really works. The combination on wet balm and dry hair mixes well because the balm isn't to wet at all. I use a small amount and apply it to the ends of my hair then just go to bed. It's incredibly light and absorbs into your hair within seconds. 

I love the result in theo morning, as there's absolutely no greasiness where I've applied it and my ends definitely feel rejuvenated and moisturised. I think this is also a really great alternative to a conditioning mask. This is because a lot of conditioning masks you have to rinse after leaving them in for 5 minutes, whereas this balm does the work as you sleep! Perfect if you run out of time in the morning.

I hope you found this useful, especially if you were looking into getting some extra protection for your hair! 
Let me know in the comments what your top hair product is - I'm looking for some new things to try out on my hair!


  1. Great reviews! I really need to start using something like this on my hair, it has been getting so dry lately x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you! Yeah these are really good options, especially for really quick and easy treatments! X


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