McBusted Appreciation

Today I have self diagnosed Post-McBusted Depression. My friend Molly took me and our friend Holly to see McBusted for our birthdays! We had 5 months worth of build up to the concert as Molly brought the tickets around December and we went on the 2nd of May - so you could say that we were definitely a little bit excited...

I've vlogged the trip so you guys can get a running commentary on how excited we were, what we were wearing and what McBusted were actually like but I thought I'd run through it on my blog for those of you who haven't seen my YouTube channel!

We left pretty much straight after school so that we could to the Birmingham LG Arena well in time for McBusted to come on; there were 3 support acts so me and Holly were fine to take a few selfies before hand!

We did a lot of singing in the car on the way and bought these McBusted wrist bands. 

The support acts were Young Brando, EofE and 3 Dudes. They were all really good and the crowd loved them! Before 3 Dudes came on, Fearne Cotton popped up on stage and surprised everyone - she was filming for a McBusted documentary for ITV. She walked past us and when the camera came back down we all jumped in the camera so you never know, I could be on TV soon!

I love this panorama of the stadium, I'm not sure which song it was taken during though... 
The concert began with a video clip of when Busted announced their split to the press, after it finished Matt and James went 'back to the future' in a car the same as the one in the film (linking to the origin of McFly's name). Then a car came down from the stage and out came James and Matt, joining McFly who had just appeared.
The set opened with Air Hostess, which was such an exciting song to start. I was jumping up and down so much and it just reminded me of how much I loved Busted. It was actually surprising how many of the words I knew after so many years... although I did have to make a playlist to refresh my memory!

The set list from then on went: You Said No BUSTED / Britney (my favourite BUSTED song) / Who's David? BUSTED / 5 Colours In Her Hair McFLY / Obviously McFLY / Sleeping With The Light On BUSTED / Star Girl McFLY / Nerdy BUSTED / Room On The Third Floor McFLY / Thunderbirds Are Go BUSTED / I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover) / Shine A Light McFLY  / What I go To School For BUSTED / Crashed The Wedding BUSTED / All About You McFLY / Year 3000 BUSTED

All the songs were sung by everyone and it was such a good band, they definitely worked well together!

It was so amazing just to finally see Busted and McBusted put on an incredible show! If you want to see a bit of the performance, watch my vlog below!


Did anyone else see McBusted? What did you think of them, comment below!

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