Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th 2013, 1,133 factory workers were killed when the sweatshop they were working in, the Rana Plaza,  collapsed due to poor conditions. Although there are many sweatshops around the world exploiting women, men and children to create cheap clothing for the more fortunate parts of the world, this Rana Plaza Factory collapsing started a revolution.

On the 24th of April this year, Fashion Revolution Day came round. Carry Somers, Orsola de Castro and many others led the way and encouraged us all to think about who makes our clothes and what we're doing about it.

On Thursday, a 'Fash Mob' held by students of the University of the Creative Arts London turned up in Oxford Circus. There was also debates, conferences and loads more events being held all day. If you weren't able to attend any events or flash mobs, Fashion Revolution Day challenged you to raise awareness of the dangerous conditions of sweatshops and the outrageous exploitation of the workers there. To do this, Fashion Revolution asked people to turn their clothes inside out to think about the label and the brand and how they are manufacturing their clothes.

I saw this campaign first in Company Magazine and decided that I would join in too. Me and my friends wore our clothes inside out to school on Thursday and although I didn't manage to get this post up on the night, I think it's important to show that we supported the cause. 

Being a teenagers ourselves, having the money to always buy ethical clothing that is manufactured fairly isn't always an option. However, for me, being able to support and share the Fashion Revolution Day's message with my friends and you guys has made me feel like I have done something to at least give further thought into my clothes and how they are created!

Maybe next year, I will be able to do more to help and spread the message!

Check out the Fashion Revolution Day website HERE to get more information.
I hope you guys are doing well! Who else took part in Fashion Revolution Day? Comment Below!

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  1. great post:) so interesting to read about x

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed joining in and seeing what else happened on the day as well! Glad you liked it! X


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