Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th 2013, 1,133 factory workers were killed when the sweatshop they were working in, the Rana Plaza,  collapsed due to poor conditions. Although there are many sweatshops around the world exploiting women, men and children to create cheap clothing for the more fortunate parts of the world, this Rana Plaza Factory collapsing started a revolution.

On the 24th of April this year, Fashion Revolution Day came round. Carry Somers, Orsola de Castro and many others led the way and encouraged us all to think about who makes our clothes and what we're doing about it.

Company Blogger Awards, Paris & Kylie Jenner

I've uploaded a chatty video to my YouTube today, it's a little five minute update for my blog & youtube channel! It also explains how to enter my blog into the Company Style Blogger Awards! 

It's really quick to nominate my blog and I'd appreciate it so much if you did, just click this link below and follow the instructions in the video!

Thank you so much if you've nominated my blog, share this post and get your friends to nominate me ! I'd appreciate it so much! 

Anastasia Loves | Motel Rocks Co Ordinates

Confession: I am in love with Co Ordinates. The matchy matchy trend is one I totally covet. 

Although I get excited by creating and styling new outfits, sometimes I wish I had a pair of co ordinates to chuck on. They're so easy to wear and it also means you can concentrate on what accessories and shoes you are going to wear. All in all it makes for a full on, statement outfit.

The shop I have found THE BEST Co Ordinates is Motel Rocks. As a shop, Motel Rocks are always using exciting, bold graphic prints

Company Magazine Blog Awards | Nominate Me!

Hey lovelies, today's post is a little extra post about something very exciting! 

I absolutely LOVE Company Magazine (website here) and they were the reason I became interested in Fashion, as my first ever magazine I bought was Company! Now, 3 years later, I've decided to enter my blog into their Blog Awards!

As you could probably tell from the title, I'm entering the Company Magazine Blog Awards in the category 'Best Teen Style Blog (Under 18)'.  I work really hard to create good content on my blog and I hope this shows, and I hope everyone likes it as well!

To be in with a chance of winning people have to nominate me on the website. The more people that nominate me, the more chance I have of winning! It would mean SO SO SO much to me if you took two minutes and nominated me in the awards and told Company why you like my blog! Below is a little step by step of how to nominate me:


Click this link
which will take you to the nomination page that looks like this:

Scroll down and you should see the nomination form - which looks like this:

To start the nomination form enter your email in the top bar. 


enter my blog URL which you can copy & paste from the search bar or it's

select the category I'm entering into which is BEST TEEN STYLE BLOGGER (UNDER 18)
Then select 'NO' where it asks if this is your blog! 

It asks why you love my blog! This part isn't compulsory but it may help the judges to see why my readers like my blog so if you have the time to write a few words I'd appreciate it so much! 

And then click 'SUBMIT' at the bottom of the form! It's as simple as that!

I love blogging so much and it's a big part of who I am and has helped me decide what I want to do in the future. Although I started Love From Anastasia for myself, I've now got more subscribers and readers than I ever thought I would! I'd love if everyone that reads this post nominated me, it would mean so much to me! 

If you do nominate me, comment on this post or tweet me to tell me!! 
Thank You!!

Creative Make Up By Amy | Behind the Scenes

A lot of you have been reading my Spring Summer Lookbook posts ( Part One HERE & Part Two HERE ). I've still got one last outfit in the pipeline which I'll post soon, but before I do I wanted to tell you a bit about the shoot itself. Normally in my blog I do everything myself; photos, ideas and writing all comes from me unless I say otherwise. 

For photo shoots, I usually ask my friends to take my photos as I have some really talented friends who study photography but until now, I've never hired a make up artist for my shoots. However, for this shoot, I really wanted to focus on my styling so I hired an amazing Makeup Artist and friend.
Introducing Creative Makeup By Amy! She studied at the London School of Beauty and Makeup and has now built her own business as a freelance Makeup Artist for occasions ranging from fashion shoots to Brides to Prom make up! 
© Holly Anastasia

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