It's My Blog Birthday | 100 Subscribers Thank You!

So today is my Blog Birthday, which means that I've been writing my blog for exactly one year. I know there are many other bloggers who have already been writing theirs for 4 or 5 but I'm so happy that I've actually been able to keep this going, as usually I tend to be a bit of a quitter. 

At the beginning of March, I set myself a Goal which you can read more about here. The aim was to get to 100 subscribers by the end of May - I wasn't sure if anyone would so it was a bit risky but it seemed to be a good risk to take seeing as I've exceeded my Blog Goal before the end of March!!

What's a better present than 100+ Subscribers on my Blog Birthday?! And my Mum got me some flowers and Chocolate!

I started writing my blog for myself and when I started to tweet about it and talk to other bloggers I started to realise that people do read my little hobby. It's so amazing to have this extra community and support and I love seeing people comment and tweet me.

I really appreciate people's feedback, comments, support and subscribing and even though I'd probably still blog if only one person read it, I wanted to say thank you to everyone! So here's a little video...

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