Hair Styles for Exaggerated Lashes Look

I posted a new YouTube video on 'How I Wear The Trends' and this time I've tried the Doll Eyes or exaggerated lashes. 

The aim is to have a few single lashes that stand out (like a doll), not a whole row of perfect full long lashes. You can watch my video on how to create the make up look below (there's a video). I love this make up look as it's so pretty and cute, and so perfect for Spring.

Today's post is about the hair styles you can wear with this make up look. These are all really easy, relaxed and stress free hair styles that won't take you that long! 

All the hairstyles are versatile and I think you can bring them from day to night so easily. The best part of these looks is that you don't have to get it perfect as you can pull apart the curls to make it look more messy! 


Soft Curls

To create these soft curls is very simple:

Blow Dry your hair until mostly dry.
Add Elvive Extraordinary Oil to soften and protect.
Then section the hair into 6 small strips (3 on each side).
Use New Look Heart Shaped soft curlers and wrap hair around, leave in for 10 minutes.
When you take out the curlers, blast each section with hair dyer to set. If there's any uncurled/wonky curls use curlers to finish.

Casual Pull Back

This look is so relaxed and so simple and quick to create:

Follow the steps above for soft curls.
Rough up hair (turn head upside down & shake or pull curls apart with fingers).
Spritz with Loreal Matte and Messy Salt Spray.
Pull hair back to nape of neck & fasten with hair band.
For extra effect, pull parts of fringe out & hairspray pony tail lightly and crunch.

Low Bun

Create this low bun in 3 steps:

Follow steps for soft curls ( or curl big sections of hair )
Pull hair to nape of neck & fasten with hair band.
To create a more relaxed look, pull strands of hair out of fringe and pull the bun so a few curls fall down the back of your neck.

Exaggerated Lashes Makeup Look Video Below:


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