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When I was looking at some of my old posts I realised that I hadn't done any reviews in a while, this is mainly due to the fact that I hadn't brought many products that I felt were worth posting about.

However, when I went to Paris last month (You can read the first Paris post HERE) I was persuaded by my friend to try out Bioderma.

For a long while I had wanted to try this out as I hadn't found a make up remover that I felt worked incredibly
well. As it does lean towards the expensive end of the spectrum, I hadn't taken a look. In France however, with all the exchange rate goings on, it was a little bit cheaper. 

As you can guess, I am SO late on the bandwagon with my new found love for Bioderma. I bet loads of you are already actually using Bioderma it as their staple make up remover! 

In the past, I have found that some make up removers are quite harsh on the skin and in addition don't work very well. I've even found that when I wash my face in the morning I am still getting make up coming off! Bioderma is the best product I've found for sensitive skin, it's very soft and doesn't feel chemically at all.

After using it to take off my make up my skin feels refreshed and clean; that's where the cleanser aspect comes in. Even in the morning, I am able to see a difference as my skin looks and feels brighter. Where as before I'd wake up after not having been able to take my make up off properly and that was reflected in my face looking awful. 

I'm absolutely loving Bioderma and am hoping I can budget so I can buy it as a staple for my make up routine, as I am definitely feeling the benefits. 

Comment below and tell me what your staple skin care products are!

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  1. I'm still sceptical about this one, probably should give it a chance since the world raves about it x


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