Room Tour | YouTube / Kylie Jenner Style Steal

Hey guys hope you're all having a lovely mothers day! I filmed a little Room Tour the other night showcasing my new room! I love my room now and I hope it might be a bit of inspiration if you're redecorating your room or just want to change the bed sheets shah! Tell me what you think! 

 ALSO as I mentioned in the video, I'm planning to do a Kylie Jenner Style Steal ( a Lookbook Video & Photos!) I wanted to know if this would be something you lovely lot would like to see?

 I love Kylie's style and as it's moving into Summer I think it would be nice inspiration for relaxed / urban style!
If you are a fan of Kylie's or just want to see how I recreate her style let me know
Comment on this post OR comment on my Room Tour video! You can also Tweet Me or Instagram Me - Links Below.
Can't wait to see your comments! 

It's My Blog Birthday | 100 Subscribers Thank You!

So today is my Blog Birthday, which means that I've been writing my blog for exactly one year. I know there are many other bloggers who have already been writing theirs for 4 or 5 but I'm so happy that I've actually been able to keep this going, as usually I tend to be a bit of a quitter. 

At the beginning of March, I set myself a Goal which you can read more about here. The aim was to get to 100 subscribers by the end of May - I wasn't sure if anyone would so it was a bit risky but it seemed to be a good risk to take seeing as I've exceeded my Blog Goal before the end of March!!

What's a better present than 100+ Subscribers on my Blog Birthday?! And my Mum got me some flowers and Chocolate!

I started writing my blog for myself and when I started to tweet about it and talk to other bloggers I started to realise that people do read my little hobby. It's so amazing to have this extra community and support and I love seeing people comment and tweet me.

I really appreciate people's feedback, comments, support and subscribing and even though I'd probably still blog if only one person read it, I wanted to say thank you to everyone! So here's a little video...

Hairstyles To Wear With Winged Eyeliner

Hey guys I hope you're all doing well! 

I got requested to do a winged eyeliner tutorial so I'll feature that video below. 
In todays post I wanted to show you how I wear my hear with this look, like I did with the Doll Eyes post HERE. 

I love the eyeliner as it makes a real statement and you can add more impact or let the eyes be the focus solely through how you do your hair! I've just used 4 simple hair styles that aren't anything special but look really great with the make up look.

The Sibling Test

Me and my brother Gideon decided to film a sibling test to see who was the better sibling! Watch the full video to see who won and had to put their face in a plate full of flour!

Spring Fashion Shoot | Trailer

Check back on Wednesday the 19th of March to see the first look from my fashion shoot!

Bioderma | Review

When I was looking at some of my old posts I realised that I hadn't done any reviews in a while, this is mainly due to the fact that I hadn't brought many products that I felt were worth posting about.

However, when I went to Paris last month (You can read the first Paris post HERE) I was persuaded by my friend to try out Bioderma.

For a long while I had wanted to try this out as I hadn't found a make up remover that I felt worked incredibly

Setting Goals

 As I said in my New Year New Rules post, I have been trying to post a blog every wednesday and a new video every couple of weeks. I've managed to do the Wednesday blog post but am varying between how often I've posted videos. 

One of the things I wanted to this year was grow my readership; I already had a few loyal readers but I wanted to spread out further than my friends and Mum and Dad!

This is why I've set myself a new goal...

I've already got over half way so I'm almost there so thank you to every one of you that has already subscribed. If everyone who reads this post subscribes I'll get to my goal before the end of May! 

You can subscribe on the right hand side of my blog as you can see in the photo below which sends my posts straight to your inbox 

Or you can follow me on Bloglovin' HERE

Remember, even if you're not a big fan of fashion or beauty but know someone who is - let them know about my blog because they could be my 100th subscriber!
Thank you so much everybody, I hope you're all enjoying my blog!

Hair Styles for Exaggerated Lashes Look

I posted a new YouTube video on 'How I Wear The Trends' and this time I've tried the Doll Eyes or exaggerated lashes. 

The aim is to have a few single lashes that stand out (like a doll), not a whole row of perfect full long lashes. You can watch my video on how to create the make up look below (there's a video). I love this make up look as it's so pretty and cute, and so perfect for Spring.

Today's post is about the hair styles you can wear with this make up look. These are all really easy, relaxed and stress free hair styles that won't take you that long! 

All the hairstyles are versatile and I think you can bring them from day to night so easily. The best part of these looks is that you don't have to get it perfect as you can pull apart the curls to make it look more messy! 


Soft Curls

To create these soft curls is very simple:

Blow Dry your hair until mostly dry.
Add Elvive Extraordinary Oil to soften and protect.
Then section the hair into 6 small strips (3 on each side).
Use New Look Heart Shaped soft curlers and wrap hair around, leave in for 10 minutes.
When you take out the curlers, blast each section with hair dyer to set. If there's any uncurled/wonky curls use curlers to finish.

Casual Pull Back

This look is so relaxed and so simple and quick to create:

Follow the steps above for soft curls.
Rough up hair (turn head upside down & shake or pull curls apart with fingers).
Spritz with Loreal Matte and Messy Salt Spray.
Pull hair back to nape of neck & fasten with hair band.
For extra effect, pull parts of fringe out & hairspray pony tail lightly and crunch.

Low Bun

Create this low bun in 3 steps:

Follow steps for soft curls ( or curl big sections of hair )
Pull hair to nape of neck & fasten with hair band.
To create a more relaxed look, pull strands of hair out of fringe and pull the bun so a few curls fall down the back of your neck.

Exaggerated Lashes Makeup Look Video Below:


New Posts Every Wednesdays

Sukie Waterhouse | Guest Post for Fresh Faced and Fearless

Hey guys! I'm so excited to reveal that I've written a guest post for one of my favourite blogs Fresh-faced and Fearless. I put a lot of effort into this post as styling and celebrity style is something I am passionate about and might want to do when I'm older!

I would love it if you checked out the post HERE and take a look around Melissa's blog too, it's so beaut! 

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