Parisian Adventure | Day 1

I'm in the process of editing a vlog of my trip to Paris for my YouTube Channel but I wanted to show you the amazing photos my friends took and tell you all about it in detail! I'm going to do three posts, over the space of three weeks so that I can get all the editing done nicely!

It took us about 5/6 hours to get there but as soon as we got to Paris we were on the Metro with our suitcases in a beeline to our Hostel! The Hostel was actually very nice and apparently very cheap so I'd recommend the Fiap Jean Monnet Hostel if you're ever in need of accommodation in Paris!

The first gallery we visited was La Maison EuropĂ©enne De La Photographie. It was fairly small but also had some really lovely photos in it. There was some amazing landscape artwork, which was my favourite, and I bought some really amazing postcards to stick on my wall. 
We made our way back to the Hostel for tea; the food was surprisingly good although there wasn't much traditional 'French' food. So for tonight's meal, I had Pizza, a bread roll, fanta, brownie and fruit. It was such a lovely meal and we all ate so well. 

After this, we made our way to the Georges Pompidou Centre. This was one of my favourite galleries as it had quite a lot of modern art and experimental pieces! It was absolutely huge and we only got to see one floor as it shut earlier than we expected.

By the time we had finished at the Pompidou Centre, it was about 10 PM in Paris, and after a long journey here, we were so tired and just wanted to get back to our Hostel. We all got into bed and chatted until about 12 when everybody kind of flopped and fell asleep. 

So although it's not as jam packed as it looks, it was an exhausting day with a lot of walking and Metro rides. Coming next Wednesday is my Parisian Adventure Day 2!

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