How I Style My Hair In Beanies

I wear Beanies mainly to cover up for bad hair days, but sometimes I like to use them in an outfit - especially when it's cold and windy. I just thought I'd share with you how I style my hair when I wear them. These are really easy looks to create and really don't take much time to do - perfect for a morning rush!

Dead Straight

To create this look I used Babyliss Barrel Roller to dry my hair straight; I love this hair dryer as it conditions your hair while you dry so that the result is really soft. However, it's selling point is that it creates 'big curls' and in my few years of using it I've never been able to use it for its purpose. I then used Elvive Extraordinary Oil to make my hair softer and look shiny.

Soft Curls

I love having curls in with a beanie as it adds to the look. To create these curls I used the VO5 Ionic Hair Straighteners; clamping the hair down at the roots and then twisting the straighteners as I move them down the hair. After curling all of my hair, I used a Tangle Teaser to brush out the curls to make them softer. 

Soft Pigtails

I love this look as a kind of cozy, low key look. To make this look, all I did was part my hair at the back creating two sections and used a hair band to secure them. I like having parts of my fringe out so to do this I just pulled a few bits at the front to make them loose. I also prefer to make sure my hair bands don't show so I push them further up my hair and pull the hair above the hairband. To create volume and texture I used my VO5 Matte and Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray (I live off the stuff!)

Relaxed Plaits 

This look is really easy as long as you know how to plait.  I curled my hair before hand and brushed them out like I did in the look before. All I did then was spray VO5 Matte and Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray again, to create a textured affect in the plait. Then all you have to do is plait you hair! If you want to create a really relaxed look, tease the hair outwards so that the plait isn't as tight.

Shout out to my best friend Holly for getting me this Jeweled Beanie for my Secret Santa!

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Love From, Anastasia X

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