A Christmas Weekend In London

My Christmas run up was spent hanging out in London for a few days with my sister and then stayed on an extra day to go shopping with my boyfriend! It was such a fun couple of days and it was so fun to stay in London for a while. 

We took the train on Friday night to London where my sister Bethany's halls are.
 That night, we didn't do much aside from eat Mr Kiplings, M&M's and grapes. I was so tired so I ended up falling asleep really quickly!

The next morning, we went
Ice Skating on Canary Wharf which was super exciting as I hadn't been Skating in ages! For the Saturday before Christmas, it wasn't too busy which was surprising!

It started raining half way through our skate so I ended up getting soaked! I'm hoping to go back in January and learn how to skate properly. 

We then went shopping for last minute Christmas presents (whoops) and had a lovely time walking around vintage markets, Carnaby Street and Argyle Street to go to Liberties! 

We went to a healthy fast food type resteraunt in the Canary Wharf shopping center called Leon; my sister is absolutely obbsessed with it and she took me there so I could see what her hype was about! Being a fussy eater, I wasn't convinced that I'd love it but I had a chorizo wrap and it was so nice and a lovely change from fast food!

After a quick change, (and a burger and the Gormet Burger Kitchen) we went to see the new play MOJO at the Harold Pinter Theater! It was so incredible and the cast was amazing!

MOJO was such a good end to the couple of days in London, after we got back to Bethany's halls we just packed and got into bed! I was such a tiredy girl and slept very well despite top & tailing in Bethany's bed for the second time.

I also Vlogged about my Weekend in London on my YouTube Channel and I've featured it here if you want to have a watch! 

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