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Hey everyone! It's my 100th post on my blog which is crazy! Due to being in the middle of Mock Exam week, I wasn't able to do a fashion/beauty blogpost. So I thought I'd share with you my final art exhibition that I put up today! Hope you like it!

These three girls are showing how despite the way people hold themselves, they could be broken on the insides. Our topic was 'Obsessions & Passion' so I decided to look into the obsession of an image/ the obsession with looking powerful or in control. The names of the girls are to show their true feelings/ nature.

This one is a really sad one, but again looking at the obsession of an image. This girl is using Cartier Diamonds to pretend she's okay, when really she's not happy.

I then looked into obsession with an item that 'give people beauty'. I used Chanel No.5 as it's an iconic perfume; advertisements say 'every woman alive loves Chanel no.5'. To explore how some women would die for it I created the paintings above.
And that's my full mock exhibition. By the real Art Exam I'll have way more to show for myself but at the moment I'm happy with the exhibition! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I love doing it so much so share & subscribe if you want to keep updated!

Love From, Anastasia X

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