100th Post! | Art Work

Hey everyone! It's my 100th post on my blog which is crazy! Due to being in the middle of Mock Exam week, I wasn't able to do a fashion/beauty blogpost. So I thought I'd share with you my final art exhibition that I put up today! Hope you like it!

Primer Review / Comparison

Hey everyone, I've been trying out some Drugstore Primers for the last month and have made a video reviewing them all for you! If you want to have a look just click on the video below.

Also I wanted to let you know that there'll be a post up this Wednesday as usual, but next weekend I'm going to Paris until Tuesday, so the Wednesday after that there may not be a new blogpost! I'll be  very tired so I'll just work my socks off to get a post up to you by the weekend!

How I Style My Hair In Beanies

I wear Beanies mainly to cover up for bad hair days, but sometimes I like to use them in an outfit - especially when it's cold and windy. I just thought I'd share with you how I style my hair when I wear them. These are really easy looks to create and really don't take much time to do - perfect for a morning rush!

Dead Straight

To create this look I used Babyliss Barrel Roller to dry my hair straight; I love this hair dryer as it conditions your hair while you dry so that the result is really soft. However, it's selling point is that it creates 'big curls' and in my few years of using it I've never been able to use it for its purpose. I then used Elvive Extraordinary Oil to make my hair softer and look shiny.

The 1975 at Brixton

I have loved The 1975 ever since they released their EPs Music For Cars, Sex and Facedown. 
They had something different about their sound compared to any other artist around. It kind of draws you in and the instrumental parts are almost compelling. 

In their new album The 1975 they have a mix of these instrumental tunes and upbeat tunes that you could dance to forever.

Me and my friends went to see them live at Brixton in London last Thursday and they were incredible. Not only was their talent in singing and playing instruments amazing, their whole performance, lighting, set and atmosphere was unbelievably insane. 

London Town.

Yesterday Jemima and I spent the day with a true Londoner, my sister Bethany. I blogged on the go on my blogger app on my phone so this post is a little bit of a running commentary on my Anastasia Antics...

I used my new Sleek Makeup contour & highlighting pallet to create my Autumn /Winter makeup look that I'm wearing today! I'm a bit obsessed with contouring at the moment!!

Mim and I missed the train, as usual, but it have us time to get some food to munch on the train...and I bought ELLE to keep us going! 

World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week 3

After WEEK 2 on my trip, we spent a week doing project work in Bario, the town we came to before our trek. 

One of my favourite things about staying in Bario was the fact that the people were so lovely and kind there! We stayed in a guesthouse run by a lovely couple, Nancy and Harris. Whilst we were there, Nancy was like a mother to us; she cooked the most amazing food, looked after the many sick people and was generally an amazing host!

On the first day of the project we got told our jobs for the week were 
to build about 15 flower beds / fill in the holes in the ground / create a turning point for motor bikes / hold an activity day for the children / paint the side of the school! So there was obviously a lot to do during the week.

My Daily Make Up Routine

This week I thought I'd share with you guys my daily make up routine as at the moment. I'm always changing it up and using different products but at the moment I'm using some really great new products that I'm loving on my skin so I thought now was a great time to show it!

So obviously, I started off with a clean face after having taken my make up off the night before and washing it today. I have such dark circles under my eyes but I haven't been sleeping well due to my cold so they're not normally that bad!

The first thing I always do, regardless of which make up I'm using, is moisturise; I never leave the house without moisturising and do it even if I don't use make up that day, it's my number one rule. Here I'm using Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser.

I apply it all over my face by making tiny circles moving from the center outwards. I read somewhere that doing this rather than slapping it on randomly makes your skin look more fresh and radiant - something to do with the toxins in your blood and the circulation! 

At the moment, I'm using the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I'm loving it so much at the moment but I'll explain why in my next video which will be a Primer review/comparison. I also apply my Primer in tiny circles like my moisturiser.

After going to The Clothes Show Live in December and getting a free sample of this, I finally bought a full tube. This Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation is so incredible! Normally, a mouse-like foundation doesn't work for my skin as it's too dry but this works a treat. It does stay matte for a really long time and keeps the shine away. I bought mine in 100 Ivory, which isn't too bad for my skin, but there isn't much of a huge range in colours which is disappointing. I just have to blend it in really well to avoid it looking cakey.

Hilarious photo but this just shows how I blend in my foundation. I use the Buffing Brush from Real Techniques (total investment by the way!) I blend the foundation by moving the brush around my face, again in tiny circles outwards. I take quite a while on this stage as I like the base to be really blended in. I also blend in the foundation on my jaw line and keep moving it down my neck until there isn't any marks - I don't actually put foundation on my neck but it's good to blend all the way!

I used to use a Sleek Bronzing and Highlighting Kit to do my Bronzer but one of my friends Kiera gave me a Bronzing set from Studio London for my Birthday and I've just been loving it so much that it's become of daily usage. It's not as pigmented as the Sleek Bronzer but I really like how soft it is.

I apply the bronzer lightly on my cheekbones and use little circles moving upwards towards my ear - try not move your brush in a downward motion whilst applying bronzer as it will then lower your cheekbones and alter how the structure of your face looks! I also use a tiny bit of bronzer on my temples just to define the structure of my face. Here I'm using the Contouring Brush from Real Techniques.

Also in the Studio London Bronzer Kit was a Highlighting Cream. I'd never used a highlighting cream before but I'd always wanted one because they look so easy to use.

I'm not sure if you can make it out very well but you might be able to see that I've applied the highlighting cream in the middle of my forehead, the middle of my nose, under my eyes and above my cheekbones and around my nose. To blend this in I use my fingers as I find it easier to control and again move them in little circles outwards. If you've gone too far with the highlighter you can always add some more bronzer to define your cheekbones a bit more.

I always used powder in my daily routine because most of the time I don't want to look shiny! I've been using this Natural Collection Powder for years. I find myself always going back to it because it's such a good powder, cheap and it's made by natural ingredients.

To define my eyebrows, I use the Sleek Eyebrow Kit mentioned in my Sleek Make Up Review post previously. It's so easy to use and it comes with tiny brushes which help defining and shaping so much easier.

I got given this Borjouis Intense Smoky Eyeshadow pallet by my best friend Jemima for my birthday. I had told her how I really wanted to learn how to apply eyeshadow properly as I wasn't very good and this pallet has saved me! It's got a base coat, which I'm applying in the photo above, a smoky brown colour and a purply gel liner to blend in which I'm applying below.

I got this Benefit They're Real Mascara free at The Clothes Show Live. It was such an amazing freebie as it's so so good! It's only a small bottle but it works wonders on your eyelashes - I would definitely recommend to a friend!

So this is the final look of my daily make up routine of the moment. I love all of the products I'm using at the moment and I'm using a lot of 'kits' which means it's a lot easier to do than using 3 or 4 different products to achieve one aspect of the look!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you can't wait until next Wednesday for you're next Anastasia Fix then you can come find my on my social media...

2014: New Year New Rules

As it's the New Year, a lot of you might of made New Years Resolutions for yourself to stick to during 2014. I don't normally make New Years Resolutions because I feel like you should always
be looking to improve and evolve to be a better person, so I'm always making myself little goals to help me get through things and better myself. 

However, this year I thought I should look to the forward and visualise what I want to be doing and where I want to be in the future. I knew that I wanted to continue blogging and I also wanted to be more active on my YouTube Channel. 

I've been talking with a few people and they've inspired me to really move my blogging forward in the new year so I just wanted to share with you my Blog Resolutions!

A Christmas Weekend In London

My Christmas run up was spent hanging out in London for a few days with my sister and then stayed on an extra day to go shopping with my boyfriend! It was such a fun couple of days and it was so fun to stay in London for a while. 

We took the train on Friday night to London where my sister Bethany's halls are.
 That night, we didn't do much aside from eat Mr Kiplings, M&M's and grapes. I was so tired so I ended up falling asleep really quickly!

The next morning, we went

Camden I Love You

My friends and I have been able to go to Camden a few times to celebrate our friend Holly's Birthday; last year (December 2013, not so long ago!) we went to Camden and had such a good time. Here's some photos of our day..

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