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So after a couple of weeks of absolutely immersing myself in Beyoncé's new Visual Album I've decided to do a quick post about it. I've only recently become a fan of Beyoncé but have quickly become a little bit addicted...

When I heard she was releasing a new 'visual album' and that there was going to be 17 videos & 14 new songs I was a bit skeptical of whether all of the songs and videos would be good or whether there would be some 'filler' songs. However, I was totally blown away with the quality of the songs and all the videos. I may be slightly bias towards her as I am a bit of a fan now, but there's no denying that Beyoncé has a real talent.

What I love about the album is the fact that all
I think the album has a few things that I've held onto these past few weeks; a couple of the songs have really good points and themes running through them.
 For instance, 'Grown Woman' is a song about how Beyoncé has grown from a young girl and found her own way, but I think that it portrays the message of persistance and determination. It proves you have to work to get to where you want to be and be confident in your decisions. 
On the surface, 'Flawless' may seem like a song where she is confirming how she feels about herself, but after listening to the lyrics, I think it's more about confirming how you as a listener feel about yourself. It touches on equality of men and women but I think that the thing I took most from this song is the fact you sometimes have to tell yourself you ARE worth the fuss otherwise people will put you down.
It backs up one of the things I use to enhance confidence: 'if you act confident, people will see you as confident, therefore you are confident'. It's so easy to get stuck into the trap of telling yourself you're not beautiful, or intelligent or put yourself down, but the song reminded me that doing that is the most damaging thing, and you need to confirm who you are with yourself.

of the songs have a story or meaning behind them and the videos illustrate them so clearly. The album isn't just a couple of catchy songs, it's also her feelings and thoughts and although some people may be confused or disagree with some of the imagary she's used to display these thoughts I think it's admirable that she's been able to do her own thing and just put out an album that she wanted to, as she says in the video below.

I'm totally in love with this album and there is some good messages that come with it as well! If you're on the fence and are undecided whether to get it, I'd definitely advise you to go for it because it's so upbeat and fun! Below are some interviews about the album and why she decided to put the album out.
But for now, thank you Beyoncé for an incredible present in time for my birthday!

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