London Town.

Yesterday Jemima and I spent the day with a true Londoner, my sister Bethany. I blogged on the go on my blogger app on my phone so this post is a little bit of a running commentary on my Anastasia Antics...

I used my new Sleek Makeup contour & highlighting pallet to create my Autumn /Winter makeup look that I'm wearing today! I'm a bit obsessed with contouring at the moment!!

Mim and I missed the train, as usual, but it have us time to get some food to munch on the train...and I bought ELLE to keep us going! 

On the train Mim dared me to take an obvious selfie in front of the packed train.. So being as daring as I am, I did! Got some really annoyed / confused glares back!!

My phone was on full volume so the capture sound on the camera made the whole carriage turn round and check out my selfie skills... It was fairly embarrassing!

As soon as we got to London we went to the Tate Modern to have a look around. Most of it I had seen before with school which meant that the most exciting thing for me were the renovations being made on the buildings...Although I did find some good artists to use for my school work! 

I always buy postcards when I go to the Tate an I love finding the really odd quickly ones to put in my bedroom! These were the ones I found today...

I absolutely love this one because of the message it sends 

- Ed Ruscha // The Music From The Balconies 1984

After the Tate, Mim and I had to meet Bethany and Sam for lunch! We decided on Nandos which I was really excited about! I forgot to take a picture of my food when it came because I was so so hungry! FYI I had my usual order of Garlic Bread, Corn-on-the-cob & chips! It was so delish and I was so full after!

All finished up

The rest of the day wasn't as chilled; after taking some outfit photos outside a London house we made our way down to Covent Garden to find Rokit & Beyond Retro. As we were running out of time we didn't manage to find it so Mim and I went to Primark whilst Bethany collected her suitcase from Halls. The rest of the journey to Primark was stressful and looked like this

I didn't splash the cash in Primark and only bought some new socks, PJ bottoms & some hairbands! I almost bought a Pleather shift dress because it was absolutely gorgeous but they didn't have it in my size, so I had to give it a miss!

We ended up missing our train home & catching a later one instead which was upsetting! But we still made it to the Fireworks show we were going to an that was amazing! There was loads of music playing while the fireworks went off and I'm glad to say that Katy Perry featured heavily!

 Going to post my outfit in another blog soon once I get the photos sent to me so keep checking back for that if you want OR follow me on Twitter @hollsanastasia or Instagram LOVEFROMANASTASIA for updates and new photos! 

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