EAT SLEEP BLOG REPEAT | Sleek Make Up Review

One of my friend changed the 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' song to a blogger appropriate version - Eat Sleep Blog Repeat. I found it really funny as that is what most active bloggers do! 
So I'm going to stay true to the line and blog some more! 
Today's blog is a long awaited Sleek make up review! I've been using products from Sleek for a while after Superdrug brought them into their store. 
So here is my review of the Contour & Highlighting Pallet, The Luminare Concealer and the Eyebrow Kit. I've also included a look that I've been wearing over the past few weeks that I'm loving.
(Pictures below review)

Brow Kit

This brow kit has now captured a special place in my heart.
 It has saved my life in regards to my eyebrows; before I bought this I was using eye shadow that wasn't matched to my eyebrows. This kit is so incredible. It comes in 4 shades (Light to Black) and I bought the Dark 818, which in hindsight may have been a bit dark but I've been trying to apply it lightly so I don't look too eyebrow heavy... It comes with 2 tiny brushes and a tiny pair of tweezers - which made me happy because they're so tiny!! Its absolutely perfect for an on-the-go make up session and that's one of the things I loved about this kit. By having a gel and a powder, it means you can define your eyebrow shape and then set it so easily. So for me, this kit is now an essential - if you're struggling for the perfect eyebrows I'd recommend this for you!  

Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

I have to say this is my least favourite product out of the 3 I've tried and tested. That could be due to the shade so I might have to try again using a different shade. I bought the Light 03 which looked fairly light in the samples but when I took it out and applied it it was really orange which was dissapointing. However, when I have used it it has totally covered up the blemishes! So just make sure you match the colour properly before buying if you do!

FaceForm Contouring & Highlighting Pallet

I have absolutely NO regrets after buying this pallet as it has been an absolute wonder for my contouring routine. I used to use a Rimmel London Bronzer to contour but it was too shimmery and wasn't the best contour. I love this pallet because the colour is so right for my skin. I bought the shade Light 373 but there are also 3 other shades. I also love the highlighter because it blends really well and it's not too obvious that you've applied it, you're face just looks more defined and bright. It's reasonably priced too so it's the perfect pallet.

I'm wearing Sleek a lot at the moment, hence why in the photos there's marks where I've used the pallets! But it just shows you how much I'm SleekLovin! I've gone for quite a defined contouring look as I find in Winter you need to pack a punch with your make up because it's so easy to become lazy in Winter.

I hope you liked my look using Sleek makeup! If you know any other good Sleek makeup products let me know because I'd love to invest in some more - or if you know of any incredible concealers!!

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