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At the moment in art I've been exploring fame, power and the media. Being so accessable to the public through things like Twitter and Instagram, Cara Delevingne falls into this topic.

I love drawing Cara as she has such a charasmatic personality and uses her facial expression to show how she's feeling or how she wants to come across at that particular time.

For these pieces below, I used her editorial from INDUSTRIE magazine when're they discussed the topic of her fame and how it came into being.

Pencil drawing of INDUSTRIE magazine Cara Delevingne editorial.

I then used the drawing, scanned it in and added the words of the interview to add more meaning to the piece, I used the negative words/phrases to show the negative side to fame.

I then created an art and word piece created by making a simplistic line drawing and contrasting it with negative view points of fame and power.

I just thought if shared these with you as they're my favourite pieces from my project so far! I'm also not saying that Cara is a bad role model or a bad person, personally I'm a fan of Cara, but I'm just exploring the sides people don't always see! 

Hope you like them hunnies!

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