World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week Two

Picking up where I left off in my last World Challenge post... here's week two!

After spending a bit of time in Miri, we took a flight to Bario, a small town in Borneo. We flew in two groups because not all of our group could fit on the plane and for some of us that meant getting up at 5:45!

The plane was so small and turbulence was not missed on this journey!

The sights were stunning and flying in a tiny plane that barely seated 20 is something I'll never forget - especially since on landing, my ears started popping so hard I couldn't hear and barely see in one eye! You could even see the pilots from the back seats!

When we arrived in Bario it was evident that it was a very small village (the arrival & depatures in the airport were in one room!) We met our guide Pedros & drove off to our guesthouse on Jeeps! The Jeep ride was when the expedition really felt like it was beginning. I'd never ridden on the back of a Jeep so even the travelling was a new experience.

Someone obviously hadn't gotten enough sleep and wasn't in the mood for a selfie...

When we got to our guest house we had some amazing food courtesy of the wonderful people who owned the guest house. After a trek prep talk from Pedros & Lian, our guides, we had to set up our mosquito nets & air mattresses for the night. The boys managed to get the mattresses and rooms provided by the guest houses because there was less of them and all of the girls had to sleep on the floor - not fun. We then went straight to bed to catch up on the sleep we lost in the morning!  


The next day we had our first day of trekking. This was tough as none of us had a good pace or knew how long we were going for. However we made it through roughly 6 hours trekking (if I've remembered correctly) to the guides house where we would stay the night!

 It was hard although the thing I found hardest was being forced to eat a bag full of rice and hot dogs in 20 minutes! That was when I realised that I'd have to man up and eat what I was given...

 We also got to play some football with some local boys, one of which was called Alex who was so good! That was a really lovely experience because it was the first time we'd properly interacted with the local people. 
After a while of kicking the ball about with the kids we got into a game with some of the adults; it was adults Vs kids so we were on the kids team with Alex. I'm not at all good at football and did end up cutting Lian's leg with my walking boot in an attempt to tackle him.....but it was fun to join in at least!

Our Guides

Whilst on the trek our group became very close friends with our guides, Pedros and Lian. Although we'd been away for a week already we hadn't been able to properly get to know anyone from the country so I was really looking forward to talking to them! 
Within the second day of the trek I'd managed to place myself behind Lian which meant that I got to trek through the jungle with Lian, who cut down the branches for the rest of us to come through so we didn't have to struggle like the front of the group - oh the joys of befriending a guide! 
When we got to our camp we had to hang our hammocks... Lian hung mine of course!

In this photo he was singing 'Here Comes The Bride' which was so hilarious to watch!

Most of the trekking photos look the same aside from the various mug shot so I'm just going to show you my favourite ones! 

1. George and Will digging the poo pit which took ages for them to naturally I stood, watched and took photos! And got mud thrown at me but I won't dwell on that!
2. Our hammocks! This isn't my hammock but they all looked the same.. I actually found them really comfortable to sleep in as they rocked for a while after you got in which was nice! Although some people were too tall to fit in the hammocks properly and ended up having bad sleeps quite often. 

Going to sleep in the jungle is an incredible experience as there are sososo many animals and insects making noises! It was a huge change from my normal sleep playlist on my iPod! I'm not sure I could forget the first time I realised I was falling asleep over 7000 miles away from my family

3. We had to walk across many rivers and bridges on the trek - many made by our Guide's bare hands which was impressive to watch! This particular bridge was very narrow!
4. At lunch times in the jungle the bees found us within minutes of our 20 minute break. Unfortunately for Will, that bee stayed on his nose for about 5 minutes!

On the trek we were able to try some of the fruits and things that grew on the trees! Lian found some super sour lemons and we were able to have a few segments. The lemons were my favourite as you could smell them from so far away, they were green not yellow yet and they were super super sour!!

I hope you liked Week Two and I'm trying to get the next few weeks up quickly so that everyone can see what I was up to in my summer holidays!

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