Best Night In.

Last Saturday I spent the night at my best friend Jemima's house.
It was so good to get to see her as I haven't had a proper catch up with her for so long! 
We have a slight tradition on our sleepovers and over the past 14 years I think we've developed a fool-proof sleepover plan.

To start off with we usually go to Tesco's and buy loads of yummy, calorific sweeties and things. However this time we only had a 30 minute time slot for Tescos before we had to be back - meaning we were sprinting around deciding what we wanted whilst also attracting a lot of attention..

sorry for the terrible quality photo on the left hand side - spur of the moment photo!

If you can make it out, I'm wearing my Topshop Joni Jeans. These are the comfiest jeans ever, and high waisted too which is an absolute treat as you can wear them with most tops! I also decided to go super urban that night and paired my jeans with my G4LIFE crop top from Rihanna's new Autumn collection at River Island. Not forgetting my beaut Topman beanie! 

After running around a bit, we decided on these treats.We also had a beaut brownie that Jemima made & chocolate covered coco pops!!

Part of our little sleepover tradish is watching Fail Compilations. Me and my brother watch these all the time & I recommend them if you're feeling bored/sad (search 'fail compilations' or go to the account 'Fail Army' on YouTube). Jemima and I have ended up watching these videos every time we meet up!

To top the night off we watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 1 & part of season 2. I don't normally like reality TV shows as I find most of them really boring and pointless. However, I end up getting sucked into the Kards soso easily and it's now become my guilty pleasure. I brought the DVDs off of Amazon so cheaply so it made me feel better that I wasn't paying extortionate amounts for it!

She is such a beaut & I love her so much! Can't wait to meet up again!

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