World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week One

Due to my many, many photos and details about my trip it was too hard to squeeze it all into one blogpost! So I've decided to do some posts about each ''Phase'' of the trip. So here's week one!
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I was really excited but so nervous about leaving England behind for a month! When we got to school to have our 'prep' day, all of our group met up - this is what kind of kick started our experience. I got to chat with my group properly as well.

LEFT: On the way to build up day super excited! RIGHT: Bus to the airport which was so fun!

On the first flight from London to Doha - we were all so excited by this point but by the second areoplane everyone (aside from me and Charmaine, above,) were alseep!

We missed our connecting flight on the first day, so we got a night of accommodation near Kuala Lumpa Local Airport so that we could catch our flight the next day. This worked out quite well because we all got a really good night sleep in a hotel before jetting off to uncertain sleeps!

After we managed to catch our flight and make our way to the Niah Caves National Park. On our first day there I was the team leader. It was quite stressful but it wasn't a very complicated day so it was fun as well! We took a small boat ride over the river to the Niah Caves Museum to take a look around. 

We then went on to do a day trek in the Park bit of the National Park. We only took day bags as it was our 'acclimatisation' trek. It was really enjoyable and although, very very hot, it was a really fun introduction to trekking. We had a few moments, like bridges breaking, aside from that it was really fun!

Above is our accommodation in the Niah Caves and it was so lovely! The plumbing was...temperamental so two dorms ended up using our showers and toilet. Other than that I'd definitely recommend going to the Niah Caves National Park (Sarawak, Borneo)

We then made our way to Miri by taxi and went to the Miri Backpackers Lodge. The times we stayed there ended up to be some of the best sleeps on the trip! I really enjoyed Miri & managed to get some really nice purchases (including Fendi perfume and Ralph Lauren cologne, which I later left at the Miri Backpackers, above!!). 

We had tea at the Ming Cafe when we were in Miri. It was a restaurant and bar; the food there was incredible also. The first time I went I shared a Pizza (nice western food for a change) with Poppy and the second time I shared, Nachos, Bruchetta and Chips with Holly! On the way back to the Backpackers Lodge we passed a night club (bottom right) and everyone was up for a party but it was over 18s or something so we weren't allowed in!

That was the first 6 days of our expedition, sort of condensed. I really enjoyed the first week; there were a few temporarily lost passports, lost keys and  such like however, this was the week our group really started to bond and have fun!

Week Two Coming Soon....

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