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Now that I am going to be in Sixth Form, I'm having to start to find new school clothes! A lot of the people who I've been talking about it with, have been saying that it gets boring having to make new 'smart' outfits but for me, I'm too excited to explain! So the other day I went into H&M to find the basics and thought I'd share with you some of  the things 

The criteria is that they must be "Business Wear"; the problem is that a lot of business wear now is more casual. In the picture are a few of the things I picked up from H&M yesterday (some of the items I added here when I saw them on the website).

My first tip for looking 'Business' and try for style at the same time is Monochrome.
 Black and White pieces scream class just because of the way they look. It's a basic yet effective colour pallet and I honestly believe it's the easiest tip ever to follow. 

Here I have chosen some of the basics; a Blazer, Skirt (this specific skirt could be deemed as too short or tight in your school or workplace so watch out!), a top, trousers, socks and boots - all in Monochrome. Not only does it make a stylish impact but it makes these basics so much easier to style, because what doesn't go with Black or White?

If you think black and white could get boring - for me this will never happen because it happens about 60% of my outfits are black! - its so easy to create something new using the same outfits. This is my second tip: Neon & Gold is key.

To dress up black or make it more fun, I always add neon jewelry or gold jewelry. Neon & Gold are colours that instantly stand out and make any outfit you put together! 

I hope this helps if, like me you've been worrying what new 'business wear' to buy. However, as this is only some of the things I brought / spotted on the website on H&M and I'll probably have to go to some more clothes!

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