OOTD | Sixth Form Style

I styled a new outfit for sixth form the other day and it was one of my favourites so far. I wore it yesterday and it kept me lovely and cosy all day!

I'm had to use my bother's iPod to take the photos again, but my camera is back in full use as of now so expect some better quality outfit posts soon!


TOPMAN: Beanie
TK Max: Maroon Chiffon Shirt
H&M: Plain black cropped jumper
H&M: Cropped black trousers
H&M: Patterned Blazer
H&M: Tie-dye socks
H&M: Boots

For those of you who were wondering, I didn't actually wear the beanie at school because I didn't like it paired with the outfit as 'business wear'. However, I did stick it on travelling to school and back, and when Holly and I went shopping! I absolutely love the beanie with this outfit because it makes it a bit more urban. 

I hope you like this outfit & I'll be using my camera to take outfit photos so you'll be able to see it all more clearly!


  1. That bag is awesomely massive! Hannah x


    1. I know! Perfect for carrying around things for sixth form! X


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