OOTD | Sixth Form Is Stressfull

I was definitely warned about how hard sixth form is but obviously I didn't really realise that when people said it - they meant it!
I am currently stuck on some history questions that I started a few hours prior to writing this post now! I decided to take a brainbreather and share with you my outfit from yesterday. It's definitely been on of my favourite outfits so far!

I loved this outfit mainly due to the Blazer / Cardigan (or Blazigan / Cardizer whatever you want to call it!) It's sososo warm and especially comfy. It's from H&M for a really reasonable price! I think it is a new variation to 'smart' and although it doesn't have much structure, it really completes the outfit.

I added a statement necklace to brighten the outfit and make it more gurly. It's a really light peachy-pink colour and despite looking heavy it is so light to wear which was an added bonus!

Apologies for the appalling photos, my camera batteries were still recovering from Borneo!

To create more of an impact, I left my nails white from the day before. It is a Barry M Nail Paint in Matt White - I've also found a very useful way of applying it to make it stay on your nails longer which I might blog about soon!

So that was my outfit from yesterday! It seems to be all H&M but we can live with that can't we?

I'd also like to clear up some confusion - on the bottom of the Barry M nail paint bottles they have a number, the shade name and another number. If anyone knows which number (top or bottom) is the shade number, PLEASE comment or tweet me @hollsanastasia and let me know! 

 Barry M Nail Confusion!!

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