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I can't take credit for this find because Sam, my sisters' boyfriend / Media and Music Geek,suggested it to me!

Bipolar Sunshine is made up of the solo artist, Adio Marchant. His new EP Aesthetics has a really cool, chilled out kind of urbany vibe to it. My favourite song is Fire, which I'll feature below, however all of the other tracks are upbeat and interesting to listen to! He's also created a track with Rudimental, which is incredible!

He raps and sings throughout the EP which makes it even better. In the song Fire, he samples the film The Notebook. This sounds odd when you hear someone say it but placed into the song it is so polished and definitely adds something to the track that no other artists have at the moment. And besides, who doesn't love the Notebook?

Whilst writing this blogpost, I've been listening to Bipolar Sunshine's songs and I came across a cover of A$AP Rocky - Long Live A$AP. 

I really love the album Long Live A$AP and this cover was such an exciting discovery as well as the EP itself!

Thank you Sam for introducing me I guess!

Bipolar Sunshine
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